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Face The Music Friday #4

on October 11, 2013

My weight this week is:




Beginning:  240

Last week:  182.1

This week: +3 lb

Total loss:  54.9 lb

I’m not at all surprised of a gain this week (nor will I be if I have one next week). I’ve entered the “bad” 2 week portion of every month. If I were smart, I wouldn’t get on the scale at all during these 2 weeks, but if I’m going to do weekly updates, then that’s how it is. I have to say though, 3 lb isn’t that bad. I’ve had weeks I hold on to 7 lb of water weight. It’s kind of ridiculous. Oh well…moving on.

This week was customer service week. What we did this year was have food each day provided by management. Monday was a free lunch from Chelo’s (I had a tuna melt), Tuesday was cake, Wednesday was breakfast, Thursday was lunch again but from On The Border (Southwest chicken tacos, yum!!) and then today was breakfast again, but I decided to take today off to extend my 3-day weekend into a 4-day weekend.

Between all the food provided to us by our bosses, and the food sent to us by some of our reps, I’m honestly surprised I didn’t gain more. However, I was really cognizant of everything I was eating and everything outside of those meals or snacks was my normal healthy eating. Plus I went to the gym EVERY day this week, alternating elliptical w/ running on the treadmill, plus one day I added the 30 minute circuit that Planet Fitness offers.

Here’s a taste of what I received this week from my generous reps:



This week’s music will be a two-fer. I’m going to see Nine Inch Nails tonight and couldn’t be more thrilled to see him for a third time. Each time I’ve gone has been with a different person and FINALLY my best friend Julie is coming with me. Without further ado, I’m putting up one of my favorite loud, rocking songs plus a bonus – one of my favorite quieter tunes. Enjoy!



4 responses to “Face The Music Friday #4

  1. Desiree' says:

    Geez, great job on only gaining 3 this week with all that temptation floating around! I am soooo jealous of you going to see NIN! I’m always hoping to *bump* into Trent Reznor when I’m in NOLA but I have yet to ever see him (he has a house in the Garden District). Ok wow, that makes me totally sound like a stalker! I swear I’m not but I would be just in awe if I did ever meet him!

    • beach3519 says:

      I know he has the house in NOLA – one of the major reasons I’d love to visit there some day! LOL And if I were down there, I’d stalk him with you. If you ever do “bump” into him, pleeeeeease get me an extra autograph or pic if you can!! 🙂

  2. Those 2 weeks kill me too and right now I am OMS and taper girl so I want to eat EVERYTHING. I agree scales should be tossed during that time.

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