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Face The Music Friday #73

on May 8, 2015


Saturday – 5 miles
Sunday – Rest (sort of)
Monday – 3.1 miles
Tuesday – Stretch/roll
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – 1 hr kickboxing
Friday – Freestyle Friday (GORUCK training)


This week felt like a horror show in terms of training. Saturday, I volunteered to work the Unleashed tent at BoldrDash on the Beach – an OCR that I ran last year. I was there from 8am until around 2:30ish and planned on doing my run for the weekend when I got home. Let’s just say it turned into a rough afternoon. While I still got out there and did 5 miles, it was a shit show. I had to walk A LOT and nothing felt right. I couldn’t get my breathing and my hips were bothering me tons.

Sunday I traveled to Amherst, MA to cheer on my friends as they ran the 7 Sisters Trail Race. So while it was technically a rest day, we were standing/walking around quite a bit. It was beautiful up there and I think I’m putting it on my list for next year, even though I watched people cringing as they crossed the finish line.

Monday, I ran after work. Just an easy 3 miles. Well, it was anything but easy. That annoying twinge in my hips from Saturday turned into actual pain in my bad (right) hip that has been bothering me all week now. This is the same hip I strained when I first started running that sidelined me for months. I’m much more careful about listening to my body now, so I just stretched and rolled on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I had a pity party. The day went to hell and I’m started to get PMS-y (sorry if TMI) so I said screw it and just hung out in bed for the night. Thursday, I got back into things and did the kickboxing class. Oh the fun we had!! Our trainer is getting married tomorrow so I made a playlist just for this class with fast paced, wedding-themed songs. It was SUCH a good time!



Tonight, I’m going to hit up Unleashed for Freestyle Friday. We’re going to put together some GORUCK training since we now have less then one month (!!!!) until the event. I got my new steel plate on Tuesday, so it should make it easier to carry instead of bricks. I also ordered an actual GORUCK ruck that I hope gets here soon so I have time to break that in as well.



Not much to say about this week’s song choice. I just really like the song. Enjoy it and have a great weekend!!







14 responses to “Face The Music Friday #73

  1. LOL – I finished a run yesterday and used your exact words to describe it: shit show!! And I was PMS-y on Monday, so I completely understand!

  2. You’re wise for listening to your body. Do what you can, there’s no sense in crippling yourself. I hope that you have no hip pain for your half. My right him bothers me some too. I ice it too. Good luck!

  3. biz319 says:

    Glad you took a rest day in bed – sometimes you just need that every once in a while! And I thought you did’t like Sia?! 😀

    • Courtney says:

      I LOVE Sia. I didn’t like that Chandelier song. 😉 Breathe Me is actually one of my favorite songs.

      And yes, it was a mental health day.

  4. Michelle @ Running with Attitude says:

    Sorry your hip’s been bugging you – wise choice to take some extra rest!

  5. I call that a great training week. I ran Monday and Tuesday and haven’t since. Work was insane and then I was PMS’y and had a migraine so a rest evening sounds amazing to me. I hope your hip is feeling better and that plate looks intense!

  6. Smart listening to you body and stretching and rolling when you need to.
    And your Unleashed crew looks like so much fun.

  7. How sweet of you to make a special playlist in honor of your trainer’s big day! I hope your hip calms down! Put ice on it after your runs and workouts.

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