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Face The Music Friday #64

on February 6, 2015

Saturday – 30 min Yoga

Sunday – 6 miles

Monday – Shoveling snow 1:15

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 30 min Yoga

Thursday – 4 miles + 1 hr kickboxing class

Friday – 3 miles


Not the greatest training week at the beginning, but I stepped it up towards the end. I had a minor pity party the first half of the week and a meltdown on Wednesday, but picked myself back up and kept going. Nothing spectacular to speak of.

Now, for the highlight of the week…your World Champion New England Patriots!!! Yeah baby!!! Such an intense, exciting game. I watched at a friend’s house with a few people and we were all standing up for the last 10-15 min of the game screaming at every little thing. It was mayhem. At least when we know we’ve lost, we can still lose like men. That fight that the Seahawks started at the end was just completely unnecessary and only made them look disgraceful. Awesome game. Awesome, awesome game.

Nothing else to speak of, so in honor of our Super Bowl victory, I’m going to share the Imagine Dragons song, Warriors. It’s part of a hype-up video released right before the game and I think they did an awesome job with it. I get goosebumps every time I’ve watched it.









14 responses to “Face The Music Friday #64

  1. Hey, I think that looks like a good week of work outs! I admit that I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl, granted part of it I was driving but still. Have a great weekend!

  2. Nice job! I did some shoveling last week too. SO much snow!

  3. d20girl says:

    I cannot support your Patriots (but I’ll give you an unofficial congrats) but your workouts look great! Here’s to another positive week!

  4. Wow. 6 days of workouts is amazing. And good job giving your body that rest day.

    • Courtney says:

      It totally needs that 1 day a week. Today is gonna be more shoveling, so looks like my schedule will get out of whack again, but that’s OK because my foot kind of hurts after my 7 miles yesterday.

  5. dgobs says:

    Great week, and yeah Pats!! I wish I could have watched the end and had the full exciting experience, but my husband is a bit of a jinx… we turned on the game when the Pats were up 14-7, but then the Seahawks came roaring back so we turned it off. I like to think it’s because of our not watching that the Pats won 😉

  6. What type of yoga do you do? I’ve been doing videos on youtube but I’m looking for something a bit more intense than what I can find on there! I keep getting videos that don’t really work me that hard – trying out some power yoga, I think!

    Corinne x

    • Courtney says:

      I use an app on my iPad called Yoga Studio. I think it was around $3 but so worth it, for me personally anyway. You can use prearranged routines or create your own using their library of poses and it creates a video for you. I’ve also used a DVD series called DDP yoga that was more power in general, but those cost a lot more than the app. I would give the app a shot and see what you think. Even if you don’t like it, you’re only going to lose out on a few dollars.

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