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Face The Music Friday #64

Saturday – 30 min Yoga

Sunday – 6 miles

Monday – Shoveling snow 1:15

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 30 min Yoga

Thursday – 4 miles + 1 hr kickboxing class

Friday – 3 miles


Not the greatest training week at the beginning, but I stepped it up towards the end. I had a minor pity party the first half of the week and a meltdown on Wednesday, but picked myself back up and kept going. Nothing spectacular to speak of.

Now, for the highlight of the week…your World Champion New England Patriots!!! Yeah baby!!! Such an intense, exciting game. I watched at a friend’s house with a few people and we were all standing up for the last 10-15 min of the game screaming at every little thing. It was mayhem. At least when we know we’ve lost, we can still lose like men. That fight that the Seahawks started at the end was just completely unnecessary and only made them look disgraceful. Awesome game. Awesome, awesome game.

Nothing else to speak of, so in honor of our Super Bowl victory, I’m going to share the Imagine Dragons song, Warriors. It’s part of a hype-up video released right before the game and I think they did an awesome job with it. I get goosebumps every time I’ve watched it.









Finish At The 50 – 10K Race Recap

On July 3rd, I ran the Finish At The 50 10K race at Gillette Stadium – home of my beloved New England Patriots! The event had a 5K option as well, plus there were supposed to be fireworks after the race. Unfortunately, they cancelled the fireworks the day before due to the weather forecast, which turned out to be a bad decision as it never rained. Some speculated it’s because the Boston fireworks were moved from Friday to Thursday due to weather and they are put on by the same event company, but who knows. It was a big bummer though!

First, let’s talk about that weather. Hurricane Arthur was moving in and we expected rain both Thursday and Friday. However, as of Thursday morning, no rain in the forecast – yay! Bad news – it was going to be hoooooot and humid. This is what it looked like just prior to the race kickoff:



It absolutely felt that hot, too.  The breeze was the only saving grace of any comfort whatsoever. It was a hot breeze, but at least it gave us some sensation of air movement. I have to say, the rock stars of the day were the people in the neighborhoods that we ran through. It seemed every couple tenths of a mile there was someone in their front yard spraying the runners with their hoses/sprinklers. I ran through It felt glorious!



I had the day off from work, but unfortunately Tara did not. We made our schedule work the best we could and thought we might end up having to each drive up there separately, but luckily she was done early enough that we could go together with a slight modification. We ended up arriving around 4:30 I think. Parking was really easy, right next to the stadium, and just a short walk to registration. That was also seamless with no wait. The only strange thing about it was that we had to go to one area for our bibs, then go to the opposite side of the courtyard to get our tshirt. Not a big deal, just strange.



After I got my stuff, I tried to meet up with some Unleashed teammates before they started. Two of them were doing the 5K race (which started at 5:30) and one of them was doing the 10K with me at 6:30. We were able to find each other just in time and get a quick pic before the race started.



After the ladies took off, Mike went to get some pics so Tara and I headed over to meet up with the NE Spahtens that were there at the race. I only know one of them personally from Unleashed, so I said hello to her and then just kind of stood there awkwardly for a few minutes because everyone else was already kind of chatting in their little cliques. I decided I’d rather go sit in the shade than be that random girl standing there, so we sat for a bit. Eventually, another Spahten came over and sat with us that I had never met before and we hung out basically until just before the start of the 10K. We did manage to get a team picture, but it was quite the ordeal trying to squeeze everyone in for the person taking the picture (who was at a really weird angle). This was the best one that Tara could get of all the attempts she made.



We went over to line up right around 6:15-6:20. They did the National Anthem and then shortly after we were off – sort of. They started the race, but it was a good 3 minutes before I crossed the start line. This is the only pic Tara could get of me for the entire race, right after the start. I had noticed Julie and Dan standing on the left, but never saw Tara, so this is the moment I yelled out to Julie who hadn’t even seen me run by. It was all quite comical.



I’m hoping I’ll get better official race photos, because they took a bunch of them towards the end in the stadium. We even got to run through the big blow-up helmet the team runs through before a game!! I was so giddy running on the field that my favorite team runs on. SO amazing!

After the race, we found another Unleashed teammate and managed to get a finisher shot of everyone. Even the kids are Unleashed kids!



Shortly after, we all split up and went our separate ways and I tackled the beast know as “A million stairs”. I forgot how many I would have to climb after I just ran over 6 miles and I was not a happy camper! Tara, Julie and Dan thought they were hysterical and Tara made this lovely little collage to show my disappointment in these stupid stairs.



See them all?? Do you see???


I did pretty well overall. I was aiming at finishing under 1:30 and just barely squeaked by with 1:29:18 by my Garmin (unofficial email said 1:29:14).



This is definitely a race I would do again, but I would hope the weather would be a little more gentle on us! My gang were troopers, even though they went in the restaurant and ate while I was out there melting!









Gym Rats, Monsters and Food Trucks, Oh My!

Another fun weekend with the besties! My plan for Saturday was to get up in the AM and mow the lawn and get the yard work out of the way before Julie and Dan got here around lunch time. Being that my wife is the most amazing human on the planet, she had gotten out of work early on Friday and took care of the lawn (and even some trimming) for me before I got home from work! Since she did that, we had a nice leisurely morning with no need to set an alarm of any sort.

J & D got here around 12:30 or so. Originally our plan was that Dan and I would go pick up our bibs at Rhode Runner in Providence (my local running store and also a race sponsor) and Julie and Tara would go to Scituate to pick up the raffle prize that Julie had won from the art festival. While we were all getting ready to head out, Julie said she was jealous that Dan was going to probably get new shoes while he was there. Then Tara piped up and said she still needed new ones. A new plan was formed…we’d all go together to Scituate to pick up the prize, then head up to Providence to Rhode Runner and then grab something to eat while we’re in the city.

We drove up to Scituate and the woman was supposed to leave her prize on her front porch (since they wouldn’t be home on Saturday). The way it worked is that the raffle winners would have picked their prizes up the last day of the art festival, otherwise they could come get them the following weekend. Julie wouldn’t have been able to, and didn’t want to make us go for her, so she contacted the woman who said she could pick it up this past weekend since she knew she’d be here for the race. We got to her house and Julie went up to the porch and we could see her looking around, puzzled. There was nothing on the porch so she rang the doorbell, since there were 2 cars in the driveway (hoping she’d luck out and someone would be there). No answer – so she knocked and then went down the driveway on the side of the house, but didn’t see anything. We ended up just leaving and on our way to Providence Julie called the woman and left her a message to hopefully have it shipped to her.

Once we got to Rhode Runner, Dan and I went straight in to pick up our bibs while Julie and Tara both started trying on shoes. Tara went straight to the same style Brooks she already wears so she was easy. Julie ended up trying on several pairs and then went with the same style Saucony, I believe. And Dan was the same once he tried on his shoes – he went with the same style Nikes. We’re creatures of habit I guess! I tried on some stuff while I was there, but really was just trying to get a fit for things to add to my Amazon wish list. I need a nighttime/waterproof jacket so I was really just browsing and not planning on buying anything. I was the only one to walk out of the running store with nothing purchased – a first for me!

After we left Rhode Runner, we decided to use good ol’ Yelp to find someplace really close to eat. We settled on Harry’s bar & burger, which was less than a mile away. It had really good reviews and Yelp, yet again, led us to a great place! It was a total dive-y place, with maybe only 10 tables and a bar. Very hole in the wall, very cute. The decorations were really fun and it just had a great vibe.


Julie was photobombing ALL THE THINGS!


The only way they serve all the sandwiches is as sliders, with an order being 2 (though you could add a 3rd if you wanted). We decided we were all going to order differently and share the sliders so we could try all sorts of different burgers. Everything I put in my mouth in that restaurant was delicious! We also ordered fries and onion strings to share, plus I got a drink called You Kiddin Me. It was the perfect “shake” to pair with my burgers. It was whipped cream vodka, oreos, caramel and ice cream and it was sooooo good you wouldn’t even know there was alcohol in it!



We were pretty stuffed after that so we headed home. Shortly after, Dan and I headed over to Planet Fitness so he could give me some strength lessons and different options to use the free weights and Smith machine instead of the silly regular machines that I feel like I have terrible form. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours (including doing an actual chest and tricep workout) going over everything I would do, when I would do it, how I would do it, etc. It was VERY helpful in getting my head around it and now I have a better plan in place for myself.

Sunday morning was the race that we’d been waiting for – the Monster Dash 5K. The race start was at 11am so we decided we’d plan on getting there by 10 to park and then have time to warm-up and check out the costumes. We got there and parked at our usual end of the mall parking lot, but when we walked out there were no road closures or people! I double checked the email and realized we needed to walk to the other side of the mall next to the convention center. A good warm-up in disguise, I guess! We got to where we needed to be close to 10:30 or so, after grabbing breakfast inside the convention center’s hotel. I wanted to make sure I hit the little girl’s room before the race and it was nice to be able to use indoor plumbing. The only issue with this was that the convention center bathroom only has 4 stalls so the line was out the door and down the hall in the ladies room. I ended up getting outside to warm-up around 10:45 and then Dan and I got in line.



Julie and Tara are the BEST spectators. They made us signs and even wore Batman t-shirts and silly hats to cheer us on!



Dan specifically trained using a C25K program to run this race with me! We decided it was a no man left behind situation, or more specifically, no superhero left behind! He hadn’t run in probably a month though, so we weren’t sure what to expect. I told him if we walk, we walk – which we did. It was quite fun to see all the different costumes people wore. Some were really creative and some people were lame and didn’t even dress up. If you want to be competitive and race, run in a regular 5K, not a Halloween-themed costume race.



After the race, we had already planned to attend the Food Truck Bash that was going on a short walk from the mall. We finally figured out how to walk over (we don’t go into cities much LOL) and it only took us maybe 10 minutes to get there. We paid the $8 to get in, which now that I look back on it, was kind of a rip-off. After all, what were we paying FOR? The trucks were all parked inside the outdoor skating rink (which isn’t iced over yet), which means we literally just paid $8 to walk through a gate. If they had been parked on the street, it would have been free. Oh well. The trucks themselves were really expensive, too. Tara and I decided we’d split stuff, so we’d have more of a chance to try various trucks.

The first truck we hit up was Nuchas, from NY. It was $10 for 3 empanadas, so Tara and I decided we’d each pick one that only we wanted, then we’d split the third. I opted for the Argentine, Tara got the Portobello and then we split the Spicy Cheese. They were SO delicious, though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the people on the truck.



Next, we hit up Boston’s Baddest Burger and we split the Baconaatah Cheezzer Meltdown. OMG was it good!! And it was huge. This was actually worth the price we paid for it, without a doubt. We stopped at Phil’s Steaks to get some “whiz fries” to go with it and they were just as awesome!



We didn’t have a whole lot of time because the Patriots were playing in Foxboro (we actually watched/listened to the game because they had it on at the food truck bash) and this meant that Julie and Dan would need to leave before the game was in the 4th quarter to avoid the traffic on their way home. We decided to grab dessert on the way out and eat it walking back to the parking garage. And boy am I glad we did!

Our dessert was the most amazingly strange and awesomely delicious concoction I’ve ever tried! We got “de Bom” from the Wafels & Dinges truck. It was a soft Belgian waffle, with a scoop of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and drizzled Belgian chocolate. It was straight from heaven. If you’re in NYC and you see this truck, stop what you’re doing immediately and get one. Well, if you’re driving, please pull over first…but then, GET ONE! I was too busy eating it to remember to take a picture, but trust me! Here is a pic I found online, except for mine had the hot fudge and whipped cream.


All in all it was a fantastic weekend, filled with great friends and good food. Oh yeah, and Patriots AND Red Sox wins to sweeten it up a bit!


Face The Music Friday #5

My weight this week is:




Beginning:  240

Last week:  185.1

This week: +0.7 lb

Total loss:  54.2 lb


I’m OK with this as it’s the end of my two “bad” weeks, water retention-wise. Hopefully the “good” two weeks coming up will make up for the gains.

Obviously I haven’t posted since last Friday’s Face the Music, but I’ve just been so crazy and I don’t have all sorts of posts that I schedule ahead of time to fill in the gaps. I had the NIN concert last Friday, the Scituate Art Festival all weekend and then catching up on work and emails hasn’t been easy.

To sum up, the concert was amazing, the festival was great (mostly perfect fall weather) and we’ve had a lot of fun recently. Not to mention a killer game day on Sunday with both Red Sox and Patriots wins.



I’m just going to throw some pictures up and let them tell the story and then move on to this week’s song.


He always does amazing things with set design and lighting!

You can’t really tell JUST how many people are there, but it’s a LOT.

This is what I live for every year!

Just call me the jewelry gnome

Rockin’ the pink!

This is my absolute fave pic of the weekend – all 3 of us are photobombing Julie!

Business was booming!


On to the music, now that your eyes are probably bleeding from looking at all my pictures.

This week, I couldn’t decide between two songs, so I’ll do one this week and the other the next. The suspense is killing you, right?

So everyone is obsessed with Lorde’s Royals I’ve noticed. Super song, loved it since the first time I ever heard it. It’s starting to enter it’s “overkill” phase with me though because everyone is talking about it and they play it all over the place now. I still love the song, but just don’t want to hear it talked about so much anymore.

This week, I’m going with a new-to-me single by Lorde that I just started hearing on the radio – Team. I love how it starts off slowish and then boom. Awesomeness ensues. Hope you enjoy!


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Electric Run (More Like Electric FUN!) Recap

I can’t even describe how much fun we had last night at the Electric Run! I had originally signed up for this by myself as just another race to do, but it was so much more than that. I was supposed to do this with 3 women I went to high school with so I created a team the day that registration opened (because you could save $5 per person that way). Not a single one of them signed up – NOT ONE.

When I realized they weren’t going to about a week or two before the race, I asked Tara if she’d be interested in just walking the race with me. Technically, I wouldn’t even consider it a race because it wasn’t timed. She can’t run due to a partial muscle tear in her calf a while back, and since I’m injured as well, walking seemed perfect for us so we signed her up at the ridiculously high last minute registration price. It was totally worth it.

I switched shifts at work so we could get on the road sooner because traffic at the stadium is a nightmare to begin with. There is a huge shopping plaza right next to it called Patriot Place so between regular shoppers and racers, there were TONS of people going. We later found out the race had sold out and there were 15,000 people there. Tara met me at work at 4:00 and we ended up getting to Foxboro around 5:00 – not bad for a Friday!



Once we got into the parking lot, we decided what we wanted to carry in our pockets because the site had said there would be no bags or backpacks allowed. This didn’t turn out to be true because we saw tons of people running with bags or backpacks. Oh well. We then walked all the way over to registration to pick up our packets and when we saw they only came in a giant ziploc baggy, we decided to walk back to the car to dismantle them and repack ourselves. We did end up carrying all of our light up stuff we were planning on wearing in a grocery bag, but we were planning on tossing that with the rest of the garbage once we got dressed up, so we didn’t worry about it.



After we walked back it was now only around 5:45 or so (with a 7:15 start), so we decided to start putting on our glow gear. We had gone to iParty and Five Below to pick up some cheap neon stuff. We ended up wearing necklaces, bracelets, anklets (which were bracelets but were so huge they fell off our hands), rings and hanging sticks around our neck. We were given glasses too, but Tara’s broke as soon as she opened the package and mine looked really awkward on my face so we ended up getting rid of them.



After we got all of our stuff on and glowing, we took some pics with the cool backdrop they had set up and the scandalously underdressed SoCo guy. Woo woo! Then we had a little time to kill so we wandered and I kept trying to get my picture with the “bug mobiles”. I don’t know what they were, but they were like golf carts that were all decked out to look like insects or something. They drove around all over the stadium grounds, blasting music from speakers on the back of the cart. So fun!



We got kind of bored, so we decided to head over to the start chute and found out they were throwing tons of glow stuff into the crowd, so we tried to work our way up closer to get some more stuff. We definitely should have put some more thought into our attire because some people there had awesome costumes! Next time, we’ll definitely be doing that! We ended up getting a foam light up stick that they were throwing that I carried throughout the race but nothing else. The guy at the start line was definitely great at pumping up the crowd and the DJ was good too.


This is just the people I could get in the picture – it went MUCH farther back!


Once the race got started, it was REALLY hard to see. We were running on the pavement/parking lot/sidewalks around the outside of the stadium so it was nice and flat, but not well lit at the start. Once we started going through each of the “lands”, the decorations lit things up nicely without being too bright. Each “land” had a different style of music playing that suited the atmosphere that the decorations provided. It was really well thought out and I can’t imagine the planning that goes into an event of this size!



It ended up taking us around 1 hour to walk the whole thing, stopping to take tons of pictures and video along the way. We never knew how far we were because we never saw any mile markers. Tara was SO excited when she saw the finish sign! The whole thing went around the stadium, then it came inside and went up, up, up to the nosebleed seats via the ramps and then we came down the ramps on the other side.



They had 2 DJs playing sets after the race, along with beer and food, but we were exhausted and the lines for food were huge, so we decided to avoid the crowds leaving later (remember: 15,000 people!!!) and head home. I think we got on the road by 9:00 and, after picking my car up from work, were home by 10:00.

I would highly recommend this for FUN. If you are trying to be a serious runner and actually race, I wish you luck because it was too packed to get any speed unless you started at the very front. Tons of fun and I would recommend definitely doing it with friends. I kind of liked that I ended up doing it with just Tara. It was like another one of our “adventure dates”.



Getting to know you

Or in this case, me. I figured I’d start out my blog with some basics as I figure out this whole writing thing. To get started, here’s just a little bit about me, that wasn’t necessarily in my About Me section.

To explain my blog title, it all goes back to Doctor Who. Never have I been so engrossed, involved and felt so much from a single media (TV, movie, song, etc) as I have since I started watching this show. The “Don’t Blink” portion comes from the famous enemy, the Weeping Angels. One of the creepiest foes I’ve ever seen. I still can’t walk through a city with any statues without watching them watch me…just in case.


The “Just Run” is two-fold. They do a lot of running in Doctor Who. A lot. Like all the time. I like to equate the Doctor’s travels with those of Angela Lansbury’s character on Murder, She Wrote. How do you seriously go somewhere and ALWAYS find trouble? That’s some seriously bad mojo. But I digress. The second part of the running should be fairly obvious. I run. I run races. And eventually I’d like to run longer races.

Some favorites:

Color – Blue. I’m not too particular about the blue either. Any shade will do.

Team – Patriots. Devastated to see some of my favorites missing this season. Equally as devastated by the addition of Tim Tebow to the line-up.

Patriots logo source

Quote – “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.” – Doctor Who

Doctor quoting source

Food – Potato. Almost any variety. I could seriously live off of almost nothing but potatoes in all its starchy goodness.

Musical act – Nine Inch Nails. Very excited to be seeing Trent Reznor for the third time in October!

Nine-Inch-Nails source

Don’t even make me try to pick a favorite movie. Seriously. Don’t do it.

TV show – should be kind of obvious by now, but it’s Doctor Who.

Place – at home. With Tara. And our fur babies. There is no better place.


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