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Face The Music Friday #63

on January 30, 2015

Saturday – 30 min Yoga

Sunday – 6 miles

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 2 hours shoveling

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – not quite 3 miles


Training got fairly messed up by a little thing we like to call “winter in New England” aka Winter Storm Juno. I’m not sure what our official tally was at the end of the blizzard, and it was too hard to judge with all the drifts due to high winds, but I would guess in the neighborhood of 20-24″. Pretty close anyway. So that’s what my week ended up looking like. Still decent and only one missed run.

The storm also caused a cancellation of one of my appts, but I had one this morning. Not gonna talk about those other than to say today was a tough one. Not much else going on either. Staying busy, trying to keep to a schedule around the appts so it’ll be a simple transition back to work when I return.

Yesterday was Tara’s 30th birthday. We celebrated last weekend with friends, had dinner out last night with her boss and will be having dinner tonight with her parents.

I’m excited about the Super Bowl on Sunday and watching my Patriots play with some good friends.

This week’s song…

Have To Drive – Amanda Palmer









11 responses to “Face The Music Friday #63

  1. Glad that you’re getting stuff done during the snowpocalypse 2015! Are you guys close to Maine? My husband and I are heading out east in April and are trying to plan some vacation time around Portland and Acadia.

    • Courtney says:

      We’re a few hours south of Maine – we’re in Rhode Island. We used to camp there occasionally as kids, but I haven’t been to Maine in years. It’s beautiful though. You’ll have a great time!

  2. The very thought of two hours of shoveling makes me hurt. Nice work getting in workouts with all the snow you guys have been getting.

  3. Sorry that Juno is creating so much snow. Ughhhhhhh

  4. osarah26 says:

    Juno threatened to hit us with more than a foot, but we only got about 4 inches. Go figure! Guess you sort of learn to live with a lot of snow in winter when you live in a colder climate.

  5. CARLA says:

    I LOVE ME. It is monday morning and I have no idea who won!! (((off to check :0))))

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