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The One With The Sisterhood

on December 3, 2013

OK, you know I’ve got it bad when I use the Friends episode naming format for a blog title. I really might like that show too much.



Aaaanyway…I’ve been nominated for my first bloggy type award thingamabobber by Slacker Runner. Thanks, lady! I guess there are some rules involved, so I’ll throw those up here as well.



1. Post the logo on your blog
2. Thanks the person who nominated you
3. Answer the questions
4. Choose 10 or so other ladies who blog as your nominees
5. Post the links to the nominees’ blogs and notify them on their blog – this might take me a bit

Favorite color – Blue. I don’t care what flavor.

Favorite animal – Cats. I’ve always grown up with them and they’re pretty much self sufficient.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink – I don’t drink much else than water, but I would have to say Dr. Pepper!

Facebook or Twitter – Facebook. I just don’t understand “the Twitter”. Guess that means I’m officially old?

Favorite pattern – Argyle

Favorite number – 13. It’s my birthday and I like it because lots of people don’t like it.  🙂

Favorite Flower – Daisy

What is your passion –  Music. I can’t play any instruments, but I can make a playlist like a boss.

Now, on to the tough part. Nominating others. I’d love to not hurt anyone’s feelings but I read a LOT of blogs and there’s no way I’m listing them all. These happen to be the ones I can think of off the top of my head that are some must reads every day, in no particular order. Every blogger I read is awesome though, because if you weren’t, I wouldn’t read your blog!  😉

Now I Run

Happy Fit Mama

Peace Love & Oats

Olive To Run

Picky Runner

Deb Runs

Jinxy Jen


110 Pounds and Counting

The Athletarian


19 responses to “The One With The Sisterhood

  1. Awww, thanks Courtney! It looks like I’m among good company with your nominations, and there are a couple that I don’t read that I’ll have to check out!

    I’m with you on the Dr. Pepper. I LOVE it, but knowing how badly I feel after drinking soda, I drink them as a rare treat!

    • beach3519 says:

      You’re welcome 🙂 I hope you enjoy some of the other blogs!

      Yeah, I definitely view soda as a treat. It’s almost like a dessert to me because I’m so used to just drinking water. Love me some Pepper though!

  2. olivetorun says:

    I love this, thank you for including me.
    I’m not sure if I am suppose to answer all of the same questions as you but I am going to anyways 🙂
    Favorite color – purple and green. I’m needy and want two.
    Favorite animal – DOGS!! I am still working on finding the one for us!
    Favorite non-alcoholic drink – water… its my favorite drink no matter what the category.
    Facebook or Twitter – Twitter. I’ve been slacking on my FB duties.
    Favorite pattern – Chevron.
    Favorite number – any even number, I don’t really care outside of that.
    Favorite Flower – Daisy <–yes ma'am!!
    What is your passion – helping others.

    • beach3519 says:

      You’re welcome! 🙂 Thanks for being such an inspiring blogger!

      I say, you can have as many fave colors as you want. Purple and green are both of my wife’s favorite colors too! And excellent passion to have…more people should.

  3. Thanks for the nomination! I love a good argyle print too.

  4. Aww you are too nice!! Thank you for nominating me! I’m with you on the water (sometimes I spike it with Vega;) and the Argyle. So fun.

    • beach3519 says:

      You’re welcome! 🙂 I’ve never tried Vega. I sometimes think things meant to “flavor” the water make it taste worse so I always just end up drinking plain ol’ boring water.

  5. My favorite flower is a sunflower or dahlia. I plan on having dahlias at my wedding next year!

    • beach3519 says:

      Ohh, awesome choice! That will look really pretty. I like sunflowers a lot too. My eyes actually change color depending on my emotion and Tara calls me “sunflower eyes” because she thinks they look like that when I’m happy.

  6. playfulpups says:

    Thanks!! I can’t wait to check out some of these other blogs too! 🙂 I’ll try and get my answers up tonight/tomorrow- I actually have a few that are the same as yours!

  7. pickyrunner says:

    Thank you! I’ll for sure fill this out soon 🙂

  8. Twitter is definitely about who you follow – I was iffy at first, but love it so much more than FB now.

    • beach3519 says:

      I think I’d probably still use FB more to keep in touch with people but maybe I’ll try branching out this weekend. Right now I only follow a few companies and tv shows/actors I like. LOL I need a Twitter for Dummies book.

  9. […] from don’t blink, just run was super sweet and nominated […]

  10. Danica says:

    This was fun to read!
    I smiled when I read your comment about the number 13. My grandmother always told us that it was actually a really lucky number, and she has a lot of legit reason for it. One of them was that when she was a baby, she was adopted on a Friday the 13th (that whole story is super cool), so I’ve never had any real “superstition” about 13 either 🙂

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