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Sugar Sugar

on August 23, 2013

4 mile hike – Ponkapoag Pond Trail – Canton, MA

The weather today was perfection for our hike. Not too sunny and hot, nice level of humidity and a slight, cool breeze from time to time. So nice! We were a little disappointed with this trail because it was about 90% road and 10% trail. We passed through a golf course. Yes, you read that right. Through the golf course. We had a stop sign and another sign indicated that hikers were to give the right of way to the golfers on the tee – because the path went through the middle of the tee to the green! Crazy business!


8:23:13 hike weather

trail map 8:23:13

ponkapoag trail sign

ponkapoag pond



After our hike, we decided to Yelp it up to find a spot for lunch that we’d never been to. We ended up at Windy City Eats, which is owned by people from Chicago (hence the name, duh), and it was primarly a hot dog place.


Windy City Eats



The inside decor was Chicago-centric and for whatever reason it had dollar bills all over the walls, and even the ceiling, that had people’s names on them.


windy city wall



I decided before we got there that I was going to order the corn dog and cheese fries. My hopeless journey continued, however, as they make their cheese fries with melted American cheese and not cheese sauce. I figured if I was gonna eat crappy food I was gonna have the good stuff! It was not meant to be though. I ended up getting a side of onion rings and they were actually really good.

They were also redeemed while we waited in line because they had homemade sodas and they have raspberry lime! Yes please! After my horrifying “raspberry lime rickey” at Not Your Average Joe’s last weekend I was hesitant, but it was wonderful. Like a unicorn spewed rainbows directly into my mouth! And I have to say – I’m not the biggest hot dog fan, I maybe have them once a year – their hot dogs tasted phenomenal. They had a great flavor to them. I couldn’t even tell you what it was, but my tongue was doing a happy dance!

windy city lunch



Tara ended up getting a cheesesteak and it was pretty good. It was just a basic steak and cheese sub and the first time I’ve ever seen one with orange cheese, which was interesting. She doesn’t usually crave meat like that so it was weird for her to order. I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen her eat a steak and cheese in the almost 10 years we’ve been together.

Right next door to Windy City was a place called Donut King. I do enjoy a good donut and we decided to check it out just because it’s not a chain (that we’re aware of) and sometimes they have the best donuts. Well, first off, it was sketch city. We walked in and there were 3 or so guys sitting at a “bar” type counter playing Keno. What the hell kind of donut place has lottery and Keno. We took a peek at the small tiny selection and decided to just get the hell out of dodge.

We were now craving a nice dessert, so we decided to turn to my friend Yelp again for some place I could find a real half moon cookie. Not one of those fake, plastic-y tasting “black and white cookies” from Stop & Shop. We ended up going to Hingham to White’s Bakery and Cafe. They had a huge selection of delicious looking treats and I was thrilled to see half moons! I got 2 of those and Tara got a chocolate covered cheesecake slice.

cookie & half and half

I was pretty full from lunch so I just ate one cookie and saved the other for another time. While we were at the cafe, I saw half and half in their cooler and decided that would taste wonderful because it had gotten much warmer outside by then. I think I’ve had the most sugary beverages today than I have in the last 6 months combined! I figured I’m gonna have fun these last two “summer weekends” and not worry about weekend food too much. I’ll still be doing my workouts, and Mon-Fri I’ll still be eating my regular healthy stuff, but the next two weekends will be enjoyed to their fullest!




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