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Go Shorty – it’s your birthday

on August 24, 2013

Rest day


OK, so technically Fridays are supposed to be my rest day, but this weekend had lots of stuff to do so we swapped our “Saturday hikes” for a hike yesterday.

My cousin’s birthday was on Thursday so we went out to lunch with her, her bf and my aunt and uncle today to The Fours in Quincy.


The Fours



It was the first time Tara and I had been there, but judging by their menu online I was looking forward to it! I decided to order just the steak and cheese egg roll appetizer for my lunch because I knew we would be meeting up with Julie and Dan at the craft fair she was working at today. They were having a BBQ after all the tents were taken down for the night so we were all set for dinner (more on that later!).

This. This was one of the best things to cross my lips in a long time! I was very happy with my choice and am still dreaming about it right now. They came with some sort of caramelized onion BBQ mayo for dipping and it was phenomenal! I was ready to take the leftover sauce home and just smother it on everything I eat. OK, maybe not everything – but it was that good!


steak egg rolls


After lunch, we headed over to my cousin’s house to see it since we haven’t been there since she moved in with her bf. It was a really cute place. We had some ice cream cake to celebrate and hung out and chatted for a bit.



Honestly, it’s not technically her birthday today. I’m also shorter than her but just roll with me on this song of the day.

After we left her house we stopped by to say hi to my grandparents on our way to the craft show. This particular craft fair was raising money for animal shelters and had some animals there you could adopt. We didn’t get there until 4:00 though, and didn’t realize people would start wrapping it up shortly after we got there. We got to see lots of cute dogs though!





By the way, shameless plug for Jewels by Jules. Awesome jewelry. Go buy it. Now.

We decided to just pack up and not hang out for the BBQ after the craft fair because what originally should have been food serving around 5:30, they told Julie it wouldn’t be until 6:30. We decided we were all pretty tired and just headed back to their house for the night. I’m now being driven into slave labor making jewelry for the night. Send help.



2 responses to “Go Shorty – it’s your birthday

  1. A local bar here has eggroll appetizers too. I never thought of them as anything but Chinese food, but they have four wild, yet delicious, varieties.

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