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Face The Music Friday #76

on May 29, 2015


Friday – Shoulder PT + 90 minutes of Freestyle Friday at Unleashed
Saturday – 6.75 mile hike
Sunday – Yard work, moving furniture and cleaning around house for a few hours
Monday – Packing and moving
Tuesday – Shoulder PT + 30 minutes yoga, 4 mile ruck and 45 minutes lifting
Wednesday – Shoulder PT + Rhode Runner Blackstone Blvd 5K
Thursday – 1 hr kickboxing


This week was kind of a blur, what with Memorial Day and all. It was also a short week for me because I have today off to head up to VT with friends to run Infinitus.

The moving and packing was to help Tara’s parents out. They are moving, along with her brother, to VA in about a week, so we had some extra furniture we no longer wanted that they are taking and then helped them pack up their POD with their own stuff as well. All that on Sunday and Monday was plenty of a workout for me so I didn’t do anything additional. I also hurt my back at Freestyle Friday trying to dump a 60 lb sandbag off my ruck, but it caught and basically snapped my spine backwards…so yeah – OUCH.

With my knee still tweaking a bit and my back not 100% recovered, I’m not running the race tomorrow. I’ll be bringing my ruck instead and hiking it. I found a couple of friends who also aren’t running so I won’t be alone, which is nice. My other friends are doing the 88k (I’m doing 8k) so I’ll be hanging by myself a lot of the time in the tent I’m sure.

I’m excited to spend the weekend in the woods. From what I’ve heard, there may not be any cell service up there, which could be kind of nice. We’ll see. I think it will be nice to disconnect a bit.

This week’s song is in honor of the mountain I will be climbing tomorrow. Have a great weekend!








14 responses to “Face The Music Friday #76

  1. Ouch sorry about the back and the knee. Sounds like a good choice of not running. Be careful with rucking though! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. dgobs says:

    Oof… sorry about your back! And knee. Dodgy knees suck. Hope they feel better soon, and have fun this weekend! 🙂

  3. AHHHH OMAM! You inspired me to do a music post and OMAM is on my list for next week – they have a new album coming in like two weeks! Have you heard any of the new stuff??? It’s really good! Great job this week!!! Sorry to hear about your knee and back, though. Yuck! Are you talking about the Infinitus race? My friend is traveling to VT for that!! Good LUCK!

    • Courtney says:

      Yay music posts! No, I haven’t heard the new stuff yet.

      Yes, I went up for Infinitus. It was crazy hard so I’m glad I only did the 8K (which was short, coming in around 4 miles). What did your friend do, and who is your friend? I wonder if I met them!

      • My friend was actually the first female in the 88K! Her name is Flo! Congrats on the race! I saw her posts on Facebook and it looked rough!

    • Courtney says:

      Oh yeah! I remember her! I helped Andy frame her certificate because he was out of it and couldn’t figure out how the frame worked! HA! It was a crazy hard course.

  4. Love Of Monsters and Men! Sorry to hear you hurt you back though. 😦 Hopefully you have a great trip this weekend though. A disconnect does sound kind of nice sometimes. 🙂

    • Courtney says:

      The trip was amazing. The disconnect was really nice (we still had wifi, but NO cell service). It was a little scary at times though, especially because our friends repeatedly sent us msgs through Facebook that they were lost on the mountain.

  5. backatsquarezero says:

    When I read your workout I literally just said out loud (excuse the language) “HOLY SHIT GIRL! That is one tough week.

  6. biz319 says:

    Moving shit is definitely a workout! I was so thrilled the last time we moved (14 years ago) that we hired movers – made it so much easier! Hope your back is feeling okay by now!

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