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Plateaus Belong In National Parks

Not in my weight loss.



I’m completely frustrated. I know tomorrow is Face The Music Friday, but I just wanted to talk for a minute about how I seem to have hit a plateau in my weight loss. I’ve been bouncing around the 180s for a couple of months now, losing some, gaining some, losing it again. It’s completely mind boggling and I feel like I’m doing everything right and it’s just not working. I log my calories/food and exercise. I know there are days I’m not perfect, but they’re not so bad that I should be gaining all sorts of weight or anything. I just feel stuck. I know tomorrow’s weigh-in is not going to make me happy.

I know as I strength train I may not be losing weight greatly because I’ll be adding muscle, but I only picked up the weights again this week so I know it’s too soon for that business. I have to get out of this negative head space. I’m also worried about my running. I’ve moved from 20 minutes to 22 minutes this week and while it doesn’t bother me when I run, my knee has been a little tight when I’m not working out. I’ll definitely be cautious, but I hate being concerned about it being re-injured all the time. I just want to run, run, run!!!

Let’s switch it over to a positive note, shall we? My Red Sox (yes, they’re mine, all mine) won last night in Game 1 of the World Series. I tried to stay awake to see the whole thing, but fell asleep somewhere around 10:30-11 right around when they took out the starting pitcher, who did amazing! Game 2 tonight, maybe I’ll drink some coffee this afternoon!

I seriously have the best wife ever. I got home, changed and went to the gym last night. When I got home, she had the TV on (which she rarely ever has on when she’s home alone) and was cooking dinner. I asked her what she was watching and she said nothing, she put it on for me to watch the game. How sweet! And bonus: the house smelled awesome because she was making some homemade applesauce! Yum!

Before I left for the gym, Tara told me I need to pose for her because I looked “cute”. Before my ongoing weight loss, I would have said hell no, but nowadays I figure why not. I actually think I’m starting to look not so terrible. So, I’ll end this on a positive note with some updated pictures.


My shorts are all getting baggy on me

Strong guy pose

You better watch out. I’m clearly very tough.