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31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 6/Face The Music Friday #65


#6 – Your 5 senses right now

We all know what the senses are: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Let’s get right to it, shall we? (This was based on when I started writing this post on Thursday night)

Sight – the newest issue of Runner’s World on my nightstand


I cropped it kind of funny to take out my address label


Hearing – my Spotify playlist



Taste – these amazing roasted chick peas that Tara made



Touch – the keyboard



Smell – this awesome Yankee Candle that makes me WISH I was on a Seaside Holiday





Day 1 and 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5


So, there is my challenge for today, now here’s my Friday training update: I’m just getting back into the swing of things. Tuesday was my first “official” workout (if you don’t count shoveling snow) since Saturday, 2/21. I’ve had a horrid cold with an awful cough and when it’s in the lungs, there’s no way I’m pushing my body so I rested. And rested some more. And some more. I still have the cough now, but am trying to slowly work my way back. Let me tell you that Tuesday’s run was horrible. I felt like a beginner runner again.



I didn’t do anything on Thursday because snow screwed everything up again with about another 8 inches. I had kind of a down day anyway and just wanted to curl up under the covers. I plan on trying to get in a run after work today so hopefully the week will pick back up again. I really need to get my shit together again. I was on a streak and this being sick really put a damper on things.

I need a song that pumps me up and there’s not really anything more epic than this on my playlist…

E.S. Posthumus – Unstoppable







Face The Music Friday #61

Saturday – 2.5 hour hike

Sunday – 4 miles

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 2 miles

Wednesday – 30 min Yoga

Thursday – 3 miles

Friday – 2 miles


So…I made it through Christmas. My first one without celebrating with family. I celebrated with my friends instead.

We celebrated Festivus on Tuesday complete with the airing of grievances (with the pole!) and feats of strength. Christmas Eve was spent with Tara’s family and then that night and Christmas day were spent with our besties (thanks guys).

I got some nice gifts, including some very useful workout stuff. I had gotten Tara two tickets to Celtic Women and that was a big hit as well. I even managed to keep it a secret the last 3 months since I bought them! If you know me, you know I’m horrible with surprises because I just want people to open their stuff right away so this was a major win.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed time with those that matter most. Here is this week’s song choice…

Corner – Allie Moss








Buffalo Thursday

2 mile run

thursday run 8:29:13      weather 8:29:13


Every Thursday in our cafeteria at work they serve several things, but amongst those things is guaranteed to be Buffalo chicken fingers and fries. I like to call it “Buffalo Thursday”. This day makes me sad, because it smells glorious, but with me dieting I seldom indulge (usually we have cheats on the weekend).

It makes me jealous when I read all sorts of running blogs that are 90% super fit, hard-core marathoning speed racers. They seem to eat whatever they want whenever they want. I know I’m physically in a much better position than I was 54 pounds ago, but I feel like it’s taking forever and some days are just harder than others, like Buffalo Thursday.

Switching gears, I had an awesome run tonight. Mostly. About 75% awesome, 25% tough. The weather was perfection. Thick cloud cover to keep the setting sun out of my eyes and a super nice cool breeze and equally cool temps to match. My perfect running weather. Tonight was two miles on my schedule and I surprisingly went even faster than my two mile run last week. So much so, in fact, that I was able to maintain an average pace UNDER 11 minutes for the whole two miles!! Not sure if it was a fluke or if I’m actually seeing some progress.

The tough part of the run was a side stitch that started about 1 mile in and lasted the rest of the run. I tried adjusting my breathing but didn’t want to slow down. I couldn’t fix it so I just pushed through it by telling myself it was just a nice short run. Just a nice short run.

I’m actually starting to be able to think of myself as a “real” runner.