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Face The Music Friday #49


Saturday – 1.5 mile ruck + mowed lawn w/ ruck on

Sunday – 10 miles

Monday – Rest/Chiro

Tuesday – 3 miles

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 3 mile ruck

Friday – Rest


Decent week. I’m not overly psyched about it, but I put in some miles. My knee was really bothering me after the 10 miles on Sunday, so I brought it up at my chiro appointment on Monday night. I was concerned it was something other than muscle strain so she took a look and made me feel better by saying it was just my hamstring, no meniscus tears or anything like that. She then performed a little torture on me known as the Graston technique. Typically she just does ART with me, as well as adjustments, because she had told me before how painful Graston was and that the ART seemed to be doing fine. Well, she was right! It still hurts today from that! I should have run last night, but I decided since it still didn’t feel great and I have a 7 miler coming up this weekend that I’d just do a ruck/walk with Tara instead.



You mean you don’t go for a walk with a rucksack full of bricks and a head lamp?



So this week has been interesting. And shitty. And I’m glad it’s a long weekend.

First, and not a super big deal, but I missed my first blogiversary. Apparently my first post was 8/16/13. I knew it was in August and it was coming up, but for some reason I thought I started blogging later than that.

My iPhone battery hasn’t been holding a charge well in weeks. I had made an appointment for Sunday morning to go get it checked. When my schedule was going to have me running my 10 miles super early, I decided to change it to Wednesday night after work. Then on Tuesday, I found out that there was a recall on the batteries in both of our phones so we were entitled to free replacement batteries. We made an appointment for Tara right after mine and headed up there and were promptly told it would be an hour per phone. Booo. So, we decided we’d have a sit down meal at a restaurant in the mall and kill some time window shopping.

Apparently it was really easy to kill 2 hours because we headed back around 8:30 and they were already done (a little early). We headed home and were just about there when I got pulled over by a cop. My first instinct was I was pissed because I hadn’t been home all day and really had to pee. I knew for a fact I wasn’t speeding because I had literally just looked at a 35mph speed limit sign and I was doing exactly that. He pulled me over and shined his big ass spotlight right into my mirror so I couldn’t see anything, came up and asked for my license, registration and proof of insurance. I gave him all of the above, which I’d already gotten out. He then asked Tara (my passenger!!!) for her license. Then I got really pissed. I asked him why he pulled me over and he said my driver side headlight was out.

Now, to me it looked like I had two beams of light so I was pissed. He took forever checking shit out, came back, told us it was probably the bulb (DUH!!) and to get it replaced. As soon as we got home I got out of the car to look at it and it wasn’t even completely out! It was only dimmed, on it’s way to burning out! I was even more pissed about this because clearly he was just bored and itching to bother somebody. It still really pisses me off, especially about taking Tara’s license. What if she didn’t bring her purse? Or didn’t have a license? Was he going to cite me for having a passenger with no ID???

Add into this week that it’s end of month so work has been kind of nutty and our fax machines aren’t working so that makes it even worse because the orders aren’t coming in properly, which brings calls from pissed off customers. Good times. And they keep overbooking the amount of people out on vacation in our department so that’s annoying having to cover lots of extra stuff at the busiest time of the month.

Let’s end with a few positives. We’re having an ice cream sundae party in our department today. A friend of mine from the gym is going to install my headlights for me, saving me from paying $15 PER headlight to install them. And it’s a long weekend that I imagine will be full of fun. I know we have at least 1 hike planned with friends so far. And maybe, just maybe, I can convince Tara to go see Guardians of the Galaxy with me. Maybe.

I’ve been listening to a lot of 90s music on Spotify at work and this little gem came on the other day. I had a big thing for Third Eye Blind back in the day. Enjoy and have a great weekend!