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It’s Like Christmas!

Guess who got some new sneakers? This girl right here! Woot!


Yep, it’s that exciting!


Aren’t they gorgeous? I tried on a pair of Brooks and Asics too, but for the third straight time, I’m sticking with the Mizuno – the Wave Inspire 9. I just like the deeper heel the Mizunos have.



I can’t wait to feel comfortable enough to run again so I can check these bad boys out. I always love my first jaunt in a new pair.

In other news, the knee is feeling slightly better every day. I haven’t needed as much ibuprofen and have just been keeping up with ice. My suspicions moved from what I initially thought of as runner’s knee to more symptoms that relate to ITBS. I’ve been foam rolling 2, 3, even 4 times a day to try to work it out and it seems to help a bit. I also bought some KT Tape at Rhode Runner when I picked up my shoes because I figured it can’t hurt to try anything. I’m going by Dr. Google of course, so it could be something totally different – but it’s fairly textbook based on tons of stuff I’ve read online. So we’ll see how it feels for race day on Sunday I guess!