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Face The Music Friday #75

Friday – 30 min yoga + office workout (shoulder PT + no ruck: 200 squats, 100 push-ups, 50 4-count flutter kicks)
Saturday – Abington Police 5K
Sunday – 30 min yoga
Monday – Rest (Technically a rest day. I did walk a couple of miles with a friend but didn’t track it-probably about 2 miles. I also did shoulder PT.)
Tuesday – 3 miles + 1 hr lifting + office workout (shoulder PT + no ruck: 100 squats)
Wednesday – 30 min yoga + did 1 hr yard work w/ ruck on + office workout (shoulder PT + with ruck: 150 squats, 50 push-ups)
Thursday – 30 min yoga + shoulder PT


This week’s training to me was just meh. I worked as hard as I could, but I should have run yesterday and didn’t because my body is being mean. I’m in pain 24/7 regardless of whether or not I’m working out. Moving around and being active does help, but still…it gets old. I have a virtual race tomorrow that I’m doing with some friends at Fells Reservation in MA for Racing 4 Valor. I get overexcited and inspired by them and I signed up for the half marathon distance, but didn’t take into account that it’s on trails, not road, and I haven’t properly trained for the distance like I did for my first half last year. I’m pretty sure I’ll be dropping down to the 10K, but I’m OK with that (mostly).

Outside of that, we’ll be spending some time with Tara’s family this weekend. They’re moving to VA in a couple of weeks so she’s trying to see them as much as possible while they’re here. I’ll grill, we’ll have a nice fire, even some s’mores. It should be a nice weekend.

While it’s nice to have a long weekend and everything, please remember what Memorial Day is about – those who made the ultimate sacrifice, for us.



I don’t really have a whole lot to say today, so here’s your song for the week.






Face The Music Friday #35

Saturday – Abington Police 5K

Sunday – Traveled back from MA/mowed lawn/cleaned up the house

Monday – 35 min (mostly) walk

Tuesday – 10 min challenge* + 5 min yoga (until I decided I just wasn’t into it)

Wednesday – 1 hour off road conditioning class through Unleashed

Thursday – Rest

Friday – ?? Not sure yet


*For this week’s challenge, my reps were as follows (click here to see the challenge origin):
Lunges – 55
Push-ups – 40
KB swings – 72 (w/ 4K kettlebell)
Burpees – 17
Planks – 32 sec, 30 sec, 15 sec

All in all, it felt like a good, busy workout week. I set out for a run on Monday after work, but my stomach had other ideas and it just ended up being a walk. The class on Wednesday was AWESOME. Totally hard, but much more doable than the last (and only other) time I took that class. Kevin estimates we probably ran around 4+ miles through the trail. I was also gear testing some stuff for the Mudder to make sure they would work. I bought some Thorlo Experia socks so I wore those, plus I wore my Camelbak again to see how it would do including things other than just running (which is all I did the first time I wore it). Throughout the class, we’d pause to keep the group together and we’d do burpees, push-ups and squats as a break and it did pretty well. There was some movement for burpees with the jumping, but it stayed put for pretty much everything else.

Julie and Dan will be coming down this weekend to help us put up our pool. Saturday I’ll probably power wash the house/deck, etc and then they’ll be down for Sunday and Monday when the weather should be better. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, but with how things have gone lately, we’ll have to see how things unfold.

Being that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, please take a moment out of your day to think about the reasons we’re free to have our BBQs and pool parties. Don’t just remember the men and women who have died, but also think about those that are still out there serving and especially about those who have come “home”, but may never feel like it again. If you have a moment, please take a look at these websites.

Wounded Warrior Project

Carry The Fallen

My song choice this week may be upsetting for some to watch or listen to (Tara), so please bear that in mind before you press play.

Rise Against – Hero Of War (not sure why the video won’t embed, but you can use link)