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Diet S.O.S.

I’m beyond frustrated.

I like to pretend I know what I’m doing, but really, I have no clue. The interwebs are full of too many differing opinions and it’s making my head spin.

I’m pretty much at my wit’s end and really don’t know what to do to shake things up and get off this plateau I’ve been on, yo-yoing around the same 5-10 lb area for the last 5 months!!

I’ve got my workouts down, that’s the easy part. I CAN NOT figure out what I’m doing wrong with my diet. I’ve mixed things up some more so I’m not eating the same things every day (I’m a creature of habit). I have good ratios of protein/fat/carbs. I’m eating at different times now (when I can). I increased my calorie intake by being all “scientific” and using 3 different websites to calculate my BMR and then subtract 500 calories a day for weight loss of 1 lb a week, but that’s not helping either. By the way, it’s much easier to eat each day adding in more calories than what MyFitnessPal was telling me to eat.




I’m afraid of testing new things, like working on a TDEE calculation or something like that, like one of my fave bloggers, Yankee Girl Gets Fit. She’s dedicated so much time and effort on it. I’m afraid to try something like that out and have nothing change…then I’d be back at square one with all that time wasted.

I can’t really afford to go to a dietitian and my worry is that they would tell me do the things I’m already doing.

Anybody want to help me out? I’m willing to listen to anything and everything at this point. If you know what you’re talking about, that’s even better! Send your friends, coworkers, family and even your pets if they can type – though I won’t eat dog bones. Any and all are welcome to help!