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Face The Music Friday #61

Saturday – 2.5 hour hike

Sunday – 4 miles

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 2 miles

Wednesday – 30 min Yoga

Thursday – 3 miles

Friday – 2 miles


So…I made it through Christmas. My first one without celebrating with family. I celebrated with my friends instead.

We celebrated Festivus on Tuesday complete with the airing of grievances (with the pole!) and feats of strength. Christmas Eve was spent with Tara’s family and then that night and Christmas day were spent with our besties (thanks guys).

I got some nice gifts, including some very useful workout stuff. I had gotten Tara two tickets to Celtic Women and that was a big hit as well. I even managed to keep it a secret the last 3 months since I bought them! If you know me, you know I’m horrible with surprises because I just want people to open their stuff right away so this was a major win.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed time with those that matter most. Here is this week’s song choice…

Corner – Allie Moss








Of Cat Butts And Mall Crowds

Well hello there! Long time, no blog. Did ya miss me? OK, I missed you, but let’s not make a big deal about it.



Get comfy – we’re going on a week-long journey.

When last we left off with the tale of Courtney, it was Friday and she had just faced the music yet again. No, wait…I don’t want to talk in the third person.

On that day, the 20th, the Christmas fun really began. Julie and Dan came down that night and what was even more exciting was that they were there before I even got home from work! Yay! We were doing our Friendsmas last weekend since we didn’t think we’d see them for Christmas itself. We had such fun that weekend just hanging out, no plans whatsoever.



We couldn’t wait, so we ended up opening our gifts to each other on Friday night. I got an awesome race medal display and a Blerch shirt (which I never took a picture of – bad, bad blogger). Tara got a Vera Bradley purse and some Doctor Who earrings. One says “Timey Wimey” and the other says “Wibbly Wobbly” – so cute!



We got Julie a bunch of jewelry making supplies that she had asked for to make her awesome Jewels by Jules. For Dan, we got him a Doctor Who mug, Nightmare Before Christmas Hallmark ornament and a fun DC Comics periodic table of superheroes t-shirt. I think we all did really well for each other!

After they left on Sunday morning, Tara and I just wanted to relax so we binge watched Orange Is The New Black on Netflix in between a few household things. We really liked it and got into it so much that we finished watching it on Monday after work. Now we can’t wait for season 2!

I consciously made the choice to not work out AT ALL over the last week. I needed a reset of sorts. I know you should move 30 minutes a day or whatever, blah blah blah. NO! I just wanted to do nothing. I wanted to spend time with my family and friends, away from the computer so much and enjoy it to it’s fullest. Sure, I could have still gotten workouts in, even just short ones, but my mind was tired, my body was tired and I was feeling “over it”.  I’ve got a new plan in place (which still needs some tweaks, so it will probably start next week) and will be back in the gym tomorrow morning. I may just do cardio and yoga this week while I continue the strength tweaking and learn my new maneuvers, but at least I’ll still be doing something. I believe I will also be using my introductory class at the obstacle gym next Saturday morning. Good stuff in the works!

After I got out of work on Christmas Eve (at 1:00) and Tara had finished her baking bonanza (can you say Oreo fudge!!!), we drove up to Julie and Dan’s house to stay there for the night. We randomly made this plan while they were here last weekend. They’re sort of a “home base” for us when we go up to MA, whether it’s to see them or other family. They always have a guest room for us so it’s easiest to stay with them the majority of the time.



This is where the cat butts come in. See, whenever Tara and Julie use FaceTime with each other, it somehow started that Tara would always flip the camera and show Julie one of our cat’s butts to shock her. Then they started sending pictures back and forth via email. Well, we just so happened to find some cat butt magnets on Amazon (seriously, who thinks up these things) so we HAD to get them. We ended up getting to Julie and Dan’s that day before they got home from Dan’s uncle’s funeral (sadly) and had literally 1 minute to throw the magnets all over their house for them to find because they pulled in the driveway right as we were unlocking the front door to go in! It was hysterical watching them find them all over the house – on the front door, dishwasher, fridge, coffee maker, etc. We crack ourselves up! They ended up taking two of them and stuffing one in a pair of socks in our overnight bag and we still haven’t found the other one!



We crashed there Christmas Eve, enjoyed some apps for dinner together and then Tara and I watched while they opened their gifts to each other. We all got up on Christmas day and then went to our respective family celebrations – they went to Dan’s aunt’s house and we went to my aunt’s house (only about 15 minutes away).

Tara and I had a great time seeing my family, as we always do. It’s always just the two of us, my grandparents, my aunt, uncle, cousin and her boyfriend. This time though, her boyfriend was with his family for the day so we had a smaller crowd. We hung out and relaxed, ate a nice dinner with ham, turkey and sides and then opened presents. I got some really awesome, thoughtful gifts and so did Tara. My parents got me the Camelbak day pack that I had on my wish list for hiking, my cousin gave me awesome Jaybird Bluebuds X wireless headphones for the gym and both Tara and I each got the most awesome, soft toasty warm blankets. There were some gift cards as well which are always appreciated! We then had some dessert and just hung out and chatted for a bit. Such a nice, low-key time. The funniest thing is that Tara got more Vera Bradley items from my parents and my cousin. What the strangest part is, though, is that all 3 people got her the same pattern (Portabello Road), but not a single item was repeated and none of them talked to each other about what they were getting. It was a Christmas miracle!

After we left my aunt’s house, we headed back to Julie and Dan’s and arrived back just before they did. We hung out and talked about how our days went and what we got and then got ourselves some Chinese food for dinner to watch the farewell to Matt Smith special and the Doctor Who Christmas special (his final episode – boo hoo!). We had such a fun time and I really wish I didn’t have to work the next morning. We ended up leaving right after the special ended at 10:30 and got home just before midnight. It was so worth it though.

Nothing exciting on Thursday and Friday except work, but then yesterday we were out and about for a loooong day. We went to the Wrentham Outlets to pick up a wallet to go with Tara’s new purses and wanted to check out their end of year clearance sales. We ended up getting some pretty good scores and didn’t spend a whole lot because I had received some generous gift cards from some of the reps I work with so we used those. I also got some very exciting new workout gear, in addition to a couple of things I got the last time we went there.

Reebok was having an awesome sale yesterday that if you bought one pair of shoes, you got another pair for $19.99. I wasn’t paying attention and went in to really just get a pair of lifting shoes and was hoping to get some Crossfit Nanos. They had the Nano 2.0 on clearance for $74.95 (marked down from $110 or something like that) so I was like, yes please! When I went up the pay for them, that’s when they told me about the sale, so I decided to go grab a pair of trail running shoes too so I could use them for either trails (which might help with my impact injuries) or for my obstacle course races! I don’t know what else I ended up getting marked down, but I only ended up paying $85 for both pairs (which is $10 less than it should have been) so I was psyched. That may have been my deal of the day. I also got a nice warm jacket-type shirt from Under Armour to go with the “ninja” style shirt I got the last time (below).


Thumbholes and fold over mittens? Yes please!


After we left the outlets, we headed to Tara’s aunt’s house to do gift exchanges with them. They gave us some really fun things and then we just hung out for a bit. I also met their new chameleon, Dino.


That’s my “look how brave I am, but he’s getting kind of close, GET HIM OFF ME” face.


After we left there, we headed to our local mall to check out the clearance at Old Navy and Bath & Body Works. We specifically went there because we wanted to get some new PJ pants ($6 a piece!!) and wanted to stock up on our anti-bacterial things from B&BW which were $1 each. Old Navy was a madhouse. We set our timer to see how long we would be in the line that snaked around the store and it took us 25 minutes to check out – from the time we stepped into line to the time we finished checking out. It was ridiculous. They had like 6 or 7 registers, but only had 3 people ringing people up. It was insane. We had to wait in a longish line at B&BW too, but luckily we were only in that line for maybe 10 minutes.

After that, I FINALLY got to go to the movies to see Anchorman 2. I’m not sure it was as funny as the first, but I was still busting a gut at several parts of the movie. It moved kind of slow in the middle, but finished up with an epic battle scene that was hysterical! And I don’t know how they kept so many cameos in the movie a secret! Or maybe they weren’t a secret and I just don’t stay on top of things. Who knows.

And now you’re caught up. I know, I’m so fascinating to read. Sorry for the lack of pictures…like I said, bad, bad blogger. I should be back in the swing of things now and I know you’ll be holding your breath until my next post because I’m the most awesome blogger you’ve ever read. Wait…why are you laughing? Stop laughing!



Until next time, friends…


Delilah is watching you.






Face The Music Friday #14

You may notice something missing at the beginning of this Face The Music Friday. As I mentioned in my last post, the scale is making me anxious and I don’t want that becoming an issue. I’ve barely gone on it this week and have decided that I may not update on that for quite some time, maybe a couple of months when I feel like I’ve gotten my control back. You guys will just have to be kept in suspense. Maybe I’ll have a big reveal, with celebrities, giveaways and cute baby animals.



Or maybe not. Please! You think I have that kind of budget?!?

Let’s move on, shall we?


Fitness this week:

Saturday – Walked a lot doing some shopping at the outlets and malls

Sunday – Shoveled heavy ass snow for 45 minutes. Yuck.

Monday – Chest, Triceps, Core (all sets of 4, 8 reps per set):

Bench Press – 90 lb, Fly – 85 lb, Cable uppercut – 10 lb each side, Push-ups to failure – 7, 6, 5, 5 (none with knees)
Tricep Dips – (Assisted w/ 85 lb), Rope pull-down – 35 lb, Kickbacks – 12.5 lb
Ab Crunch – 85 lb, Torso rotation w/ cable – 27.5 lb, Knee Raise – 10 x 4, Planks – 45 sec x 4

Tuesday – Walked – 45 minutes

Wednesday – Back, Biceps (all sets of 4, 8 reps per set):
Row – 35 lb, Back Extension – 110 lb, Pull-up (Assisted w/ 120 lb)
Regular Bicep curl – 17.5 lb, Hammer Curl – 17.5 lb, Reverse Curl – 17.5 lb

Thursday – Walked – 30 minutes

Friday – rest


Someone posted this Buzzfeed list on Facebook this morning and I thought it was hysterical. Not all of these are my personal peeves, and some of my own are missing, but I really love #25. A lot of days I’m the only girl over in the weights portion of the gym (at least at 5am when I go).

Since this is the last Friday before Christmas (holy crap on a cracker!), I’ve made my musical selection holiday appropriate. I have too many favorites to pick just one Christmas song, but if someone held a gun to my head and made me do it, this would probably be my choice.

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo – Trans-Siberian Orchestra






My Favorite Time Of The Year

I love this time of year, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. There is plenty of family gatherings, visiting with friends and lots and lots of lights!!! Let’s also not forget my birthday!  😉

We decided Sunday would be the day we put up our tree and decorations. After we got our grocery shopping over with in the morning, we got home just in time to get stuff cleaned up before the Patriots game came on (what a scary win!) so that we could start decorating while I watched the game.

I’ve always loved having a real tree, unfortunately when we bought our sectional for the living room we didn’t have room anymore. We got a steal of a deal on a fake tree one year at Target so that’s what we’ve used the last few years. We always make sure we put up our most treasured ornaments and just use the lights that came on the tree, keeping it simple.

Introducing the C-K family tree of 2013! I thought it would be fun to share my most treasured ornaments over the years.



These ornaments are for my angel fur baby, Boomer. We had to put him down last August at 18 years old and it was definitely a difficult holiday season without him. He loved “helping” me decorate. These special ornaments from friends and family helped a great deal.


That is Boomer’s paw print from his angel day, from our thoughtful vet. We found the ornament frame at Target.


These are my favorites given to us as a couple.


I gave this one to Tara. It’s hard to read, but I had it engraved with “Courtney & Tara 2004”.


These are my favorites from when we bought our first home, in 2008.


This ornament is hollow and we kept needles from the first years in our home inside it, up until we stopped getting the real trees.


You can’t forget my favorite sports teams!


This one lights up and plays Christmas tunes.


And a few miscellaneous favorites!


A hand painted ornament from a friend with my favorite, a lighthouse.

I may not live there anymore, but I’ll always be a Masshole.

A friend got me this in Hawaii.


Of course, with anything new or unfamiliar in the house, the cats are all over it. Sniffing, climbing and, unfortunately sometimes, chewing. When the Christmas stuff comes out, we always need to get adorable pics of the fur babies in their little costumes. This will be our second Christmas with Flynn and Delilah so Tara decided to do a comparison to their “kittenness” of last year. I dare you not to say “Awww!”.