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Let’s Talk About Stress

on April 23, 2015


If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, or know me in person, you know I’m a gigantic ball of stress. Maybe not 24/7, but a significant amount of the time. I’m a perfectionist and slightly OCD about certain things. Throw in my anxiety and depression and you have a recipe for disaster.



Recently, I was introduced to Oscar Health Insurance that made me think about tips on reducing my stress. They believe in making things as easy as possible and I’m all about that! For instance, I love that my doctor’s office has a Patient Portal where I can view everything online instead of having to call and be on hold forever. Oscar is trying to make health insurance just as easy. They have more information about their health insurance services here.

April is Stress Awareness Month (who knew!) so I would like to offer up what I personally do to de-stress.

1.  Do one thing at a time. You’re not a superhero, or an octopus for that matter. Try to remember what you’re capable of and just get things in order and do them step by step.

2.  De-clutter. I don’t know about you, but when I find my house getting messy, I get more anxious. Take 15 minutes and tidy up. If you have more time, do a good cleaning and organizing.



3.  Put on some mellow music. When I say mellow, I don’t mean put on Korn. Listen to some quiet singer/songwriters, instrumentals or the like.

4.  Put on some white noise. I don’t mean the TV. Find an app, or use a device, that creates a calming, soothing tone that is just on in the background. It’s amazing how relaxed you can get. Tara and I listen to an air purifier to fall asleep every night. I also have an app on my phone for when we sleep away from home that has dozens of sounds you can program.

5.  Watch a funny movie with a friend. You can watch a funny movie by yourself, but it’s even better with a friend. Not only will they be there with you, but laughter is contagious.

6.  Run. This is a big one for me. I throw on a podcast and head out for some miles. I always feel better after a run, once those endorphins have kicked in.



7.  Hike. Get out in nature. Be still in the woods. Listen to the sounds around you and just soak it up.



8.  Do some yoga. This is a more recent addition for me, but very helpful in not only making me more flexible, but calming me down.


Please share how you de-stress in the comments and maybe I’ll try something new!



I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are my own.








20 responses to “Let’s Talk About Stress

  1. Janine calise says:

    I think this is awesome.
    – big fail on number one for me, my lists are always too long and ambitious
    – I agree about the clutter! I can’t function in disarray!
    – Alanis Morissete, Fiona Apple, Kitaro and Annie Lenox are my favorite go to artists
    – I need to run more

    Great guidelines!!! Thank you!!!

  2. al brooks says:

    Trail running. Nature and running in one. Plus you always have to focus on your footing. Free’s the mind of everything else.

    Hitting a heavy bag works too.

    I wonder if they will have any focus on ptsd?

  3. Warm Epsom salt baths, watching food network, and running are my go-to relaxing options!

  4. Jules says:

    I’ve recently gone through one of my more stressful times in life due to work. Unfortunate I get overwhelmed and the tears just start flowing, my body shaking, and I want to give up. But I don’t. I just keep going. I’ve been working on writing to get through my day by day, having good support in place for when I need a quick text from a friend, and walking. I may need to also incorporate meditation soon. I keep trying to focus on the good things that are happening with my job and remind myself it’s a good opportunity. I also make sure to continue to be kind and gentle with myself and remind myself I’m doing the best I can.And that’s enough.

  5. Great tips.
    I am a huge worrier which stress me too.
    I think list making and running are my two biggest coping mechanisms.

  6. All great tips! And I definitely agree that I am more stressed when my house is a mess. Lol at the bang head here pic.

  7. dgobs says:

    Great tips! I’m prone to stress too, and end up with headaches and messed-up teeth from clenching my jaw. My de-stress steps are usually:
    -Breathe! Nice, deep breaths.
    -Go outside and walk around, or go for a run if possible.
    -A nice cup of tea.
    -If Drew is nearby, a hug always helps. Preferably cuddle time with some cozy blankets… my version of the glass of water/big fluffy pillow from 13 Going on 30 🙂
    -Make a to-do list to organize my thoughts and cross things off vigorously.

    (Not necessarily in that order!)

  8. Kerrie says:

    Oh stress. I’m the same. I get stressed easy and although I’m managing it a lot better then ever before it can still be tough! I run, no amount of lifting heavy things in the gym (which is very satisfying and a stress buster to me!) Is the same as running. Taking five minutes away from everything. Some yoga and clearing the mind. I like this post thanks for sharing!

  9. Great tips! I admit that I should probably try more of them. Running helps me, and getting lost in a Netflix binge or a favorite movie can help me de-stress as well.

  10. d20girl says:

    I love this post! I am also a huge stress-ball and if I don’t take care of it, it starts manifesting physically. I find that most of the things on your list help a lot. I also really feel much better if I get acupuncture and massage a couple of times a month. Acupuncture seems to just calm my whole energy down and makes me more resilient. Massage helps remove my shoulders from my ears (the more stressed I get, the more I look like a t-rex with my shoulders hunched up) and removes some of those stress knots I get. And the occasional Netflix binge is a great one for me too!

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