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31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1 and 2

on March 2, 2015

I’ve decided to try doing a blog challenge I saw somewhere (probably Pinterest) that is 31 days long. Each day is a different topic to write about so I thought I’d do it for March. Of course, I already forgot to start it yesterday, so I’m doing #1 and #2 together.

The first challenge was to post an intro and a recent photo. My intro is above, so here is a recent photo:



#2 – 20 facts about me

1.  I love lighthouses

2.  I love animals, but none more than my cats




3.  I’m obsessed with music, if you couldn’t tell by my Friday posts

4.  I can be quite toasty in a penguin huddle

5.  I’m married to a cross between Mary Poppins and Martha Stewart. I’m very lucky.

6.  I’m so paranoid about losing my phone that I will periodically tap my purse or pocket, wherever it happens to be living at the moment just to make sure it’s still there, even if I haven’t take it out in a while.

7.  I hate my foods to touch on my plate, but I love shepherd’s pie. Only certain foods can go together on my fork.

8.  I have a worry stone and worry shell. The stone lives in my purse so I have it at all times and the shell lives on my computer at work.



9.  I don’t take compliments well

10.  I love making spreadsheets, maybe a little too much

11.  I love to do lists and crossing things off them when they’re done

12.  I’m an old soul and feel like I should have grown up in a different decade, like maybe the 50s

13.  On that same note, I’m a huge tech fan and love my “toys”, hence why my FIL calls me “Gadget”

14.  Salty ocean air is the best smell in the world

15.  I suck at being creative, but I can follow instructions with the best of them, hence my artwork lately




16.  When I was younger, I never wore my hair up. Now, I never wear it down because I can’t stand it touching my neck anymore. My OCD changed on that one!

17.  I can’t stand when my inbox fills up, yet I email myself reminders for things constantly because it’s what I look at most often.

18.  I have everything organized on my desk at work in a certain way and heaven help the person that tries to move anything

19.  My favorite color is blue, doesn’t matter what shade

20.  My tshirt drawers are all organized by colors





13 responses to “31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1 and 2

  1. That black cat picture is hilarious, I can’t tell if he(she) is posing or protesting the picture taking! I’m right there with you on the phone thing. I have to know where it is at all times. If only I was that way with my debit card. Nice painting!!

  2. I love spreadsheets too! And the artwork is really pretty! I’m the same way about hair on my neck, I put my hair up all the time lately – maybe I should cut it shorter again!

  3. I don’t do well with #9 either. Never had. Low self esteem does that to me. The artwork looks great though! I’m not creative either but I also follow directions well! 🙂 Kitties are adorable as ever!

    • Courtney says:

      Yep, I’m the same way, Des. I bet you’d love doing a Paint Night. We just followed a YouTube video for the canvas painting. The wine bottle was a fundraiser on Sunday night so we did that at the facility.

  4. dgobs says:

    Oh man, the picture of the black cat is awesome! I love the look on her face! 🙂 It sounds pretty magical being married to a mix of Mary Poppins and Martha Stewart!

  5. I am obsessed with to-do lists also.

  6. d20girl says:

    Oh my, your black kitty is cracking me up in that photo! My desk at work is a hot mess, but I am crazy about my spreadsheets and electronic files. If someone has to use my spreadsheets, I have certain cells that I leave the cursor in. I cannot stand it if someone messes with that!

  7. osarah26 says:

    I love checklists and spreadsheets. I also organize my closet by colors! I really like that wine bottle thing.

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