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Face The Music Friday #61

on December 26, 2014

Saturday – 2.5 hour hike

Sunday – 4 miles

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 2 miles

Wednesday – 30 min Yoga

Thursday – 3 miles

Friday – 2 miles


So…I made it through Christmas. My first one without celebrating with family. I celebrated with my friends instead.

We celebrated Festivus on Tuesday complete with the airing of grievances (with the pole!) and feats of strength. Christmas Eve was spent with Tara’s family and then that night and Christmas day were spent with our besties (thanks guys).

I got some nice gifts, including some very useful workout stuff. I had gotten Tara two tickets to Celtic Women and that was a big hit as well. I even managed to keep it a secret the last 3 months since I bought them! If you know me, you know I’m horrible with surprises because I just want people to open their stuff right away so this was a major win.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed time with those that matter most. Here is this week’s song choice…

Corner – Allie Moss








12 responses to “Face The Music Friday #61

  1. Sounds it was a good week workout wise- much better than I did! Glad to hear you had a good Christmas and aren’t friends just the family we choose?

  2. d20girl says:

    Great workouts! Merry Christmas, sounds like you had a great one!

  3. Wow… I could never keep a gift secret for 3 months, I always get to excited and rat myself out. Awesome job.

  4. dgobs says:

    Looks like a good week, and well done you for keeping those tickets secret for that long!! I never would have lasted 3 months with a secret like that, haha 🙂

  5. Great week and sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

  6. d20girl says:

    Just stopping by to say hi and that I hope everything is going well with you!

  7. biz319 says:

    Me too – just seeing how you are doing – hugs!

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