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Face The Music Friday #58

on November 7, 2014

I have nothing noteworthy to speak of in terms of workouts this week. Between appointments, plans and having a stupid cold, I’m lucky I even got my butt out of bed.

Tara and I did have a lot of fun Tuesday night with some friends though. We went out to eat with them at a wing place down the street from our neighborhood because one of them was craving wings and had never been there! What we didn’t realize was that it was trivia night, so I finally got to do my first pub quiz type thing! I was very excited and it was a lot of fun. It was 4 rounds – round 1 was general trivia, round 2 was songs, round 3 was pictures of stoner movies we had to name and round 4 was RI history. We did horrible in round 1 and 4 but we almost aced both rounds 2 and 3! I’d love to do it again, but being on a Tuesday night sucks.

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow, we will meet at 5am and soon after begin our ruck march of the Boston Marathon route – 26.2 miles over the course of 12 hours. To say I’m excited is an understatement, but I’m super nervous as well. It feels like before a big race is coming up, even though this is a totally different animal.

Thank you to my readers, friends and family who have donated. If you haven’t already, maybe you’ll consider a small donation. The fight will never stop to get 22 Veteran suicides a day to zero. Here is my fundraising link:

In honor of this event, and of Veterans Day, I’ve chosen this powerful song/video. I dare you not to have all the feels as you watch it. I cry almost every time.

Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side of Heaven










8 responses to “Face The Music Friday #58

  1. Jules says:

    While there were several times during this video I wanted to press stop I did not. I’m in tears but that’s ok. Very powerful and thank you for raising the awareness and going out there to bust your ass tomorrow! Love you!

  2. Good luck tomorrow – and have a great time!!

  3. Jess@Flying Feet In Faith says:

    I’ve had a nasty cold this week too… And I’m running a marathon tomorrow! Or trying too lol best to you tomorrow. What your doing, raising a funds to support veterans, is a beautiful thing. That’s the magic of the runners heart…

  4. I’ve never been to a trivia night, it sounds kind of fun. Good luck tomorrow, that’s a lot of miles! But it’s a really awesome cause.

  5. I was thinking of you yesterday—I bet you’re waking up SORE today! I hope you had fun, you rock!

  6. Cannot wait to hear how the ruck goes!!!

  7. d20girl says:

    I hope the ruck went well and that your fundraising did as well! I’m still dealing with the aftereffects of a nasty cold I got when we got back from California (stupid airplane germs!).

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