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Face The Music Friday #57

on October 31, 2014

OK, so I lied. In my last Friday post, which was now two weeks ago, I said I’d still pick a song every week. I just couldn’t be bothered to write lately. There’s a lot going on with me and things take priority – this blog took a backseat so last Friday, you missed a song.

I’m hoping to get back to it semi-regularly, but I don’t know how to. I feel like what I normally write about isn’t worth writing. When I say I’m in a funk, it’s a big one. A mental one. I know…too much seriousness.

Anyway – an update of sorts. Since last we spoke, I volunteered at Tuff Scrambler with my teammates and cheered them on while wildly snapping an excessive amount of photos.



The following day, we rucked the Brain Injury 5K. It was windy and cold, but we had a great time.



This past weekend, I did some partial fall clean-up, cheered my friends on at the Monster Dash and had my first pedicure.



Monday, oh Monday. I went for my first run since my half marathon jacked up my foot last month. Interestingly enough, the foot that bothered me after the half was OK, but my “GORUCK foot” bothered me after. A few days later it’s perfectly fine so I’m just being cautious for now. But that’s exciting. I like that I no longer refer to my feet as “right” and “left”. They are now “Half foot” and “GORUCK foot”.

I was contacted through the blog by a marketing company asking if I wanted to check out YakTrax. Um, yes please! They’ve been on my Amazon wish list for a while so I’m really excited to try them out once the nasty winter gets here. I’ll fill you all in once I give them a whirl.

I’ve been doing rucking with friends and got back into going to Unleashed. I’ve gone to a Train Reaction class and two kickboxing classes in the last two weeks…so that’s a start. I’m still too overwhelmed to go by myself for now, but my friends have been amazing making sure I get out and do the stuff I enjoy so they’ve gone along with me for that added incentive.


Photo credit: Keisha Hayes

Photo credit: Keisha Hayes


This weekend, I’ll be attending my first Comic Con. Julie, Dan, Tara and I will be going to both days. There was a Groupon a while back for a VIP package for both days with early access each day, so we figured why not pull the trigger since we’ve talked about it before. I’m excited to see people from shows I love, including a former Doctor. It’s not a Doctor I’ve watched, but still cool nonetheless. I’m looking forward to the Walking Dead and Supernatural panels and it might be interesting to see Shatner and Takei.

Lastly, in just over 1 week, I will be rucking the Boston Marathon route to raise money for Carry The Fallen/Active Heroes. To those that have already donated, thank you SO much. If you haven’t, no donation is too small and ALL are appreciated. If you are unable to donate, please consider sharing my fundraising link and helping me reach my goal by next Saturday. Thank you in advance!

For my song this week, I’m going with one I saw on a friend’s playlist on Spotify that I’m slightly obsessed with now. Hope you enjoy!

Spoonful – Barefoot Truth







12 responses to “Face The Music Friday #57

  1. I hope You snap out of your funk soon! It can be tough, i completely get that!!
    I love my yaktrax-I use them all the time in the winter-for is New Englanders, they are a staple in our running wardrobe…blaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Have a great weekend:) fingers crossed that “go ruck foot” is on the mend asap!

    • Courtney says:

      Thanks. The feet are the least of my worries right now because I’m still putting in decent workouts outside of running. Just some crap going on that’s taking priority.

  2. dgobs says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been in a funk… hope it and your feet woes get better soon!

  3. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! A con a con! I’m excited for you! I just looked at the guest list! Looks AMAZING! Bummer that Rooker cancelled. He is a hoot and a half! I cannot wait to hear all about it! Peter Mayhew is soooo sweet!

    Glad the feet are hopefully improving. I’m glad you are still getting out there and being active. Sometimes the blogging this is just tough.

    • Courtney says:

      Until you commented, I didn’t even know Rooker cancelled. I am SOOOO sad about that!! I was really looking forward to it after hearing how funny he was on the San Diego CC podcast on the Nerdist.

  4. Sorry to hear that your feet are giving you troubles, that’s no fun! However Comic Con sounds amazing! I hope you have an awesome time!

    • Courtney says:

      I’m hoping it will be! I don’t really know what to do outside of those two panels I want to see so I guess we’ll just do a lot of people watching. Dan already has his comics picked out he wants signed. He’s very excited about “Neal Fucking Adams”. LOL

  5. Sorry about the funk. Hope all the comic con (LOVE Walking Dead) fun breaks you out of it.

  6. d20girl says:

    Sorry about the funk and I hope that whatever it is that has you down clears up soon. I have had my share of funks this year and I’m hoping for a much better 2015! I love all those photos, especially the one with the puppy!! Hope your feet behave well too! I’ve got a Zumba foot (plantar fasciatis) and a flip-flop foot (peroneal tendonitis) too. Hope Comic Con was awesome!

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