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Active Heroes

on October 6, 2014


Remember that big challenge I had coming up that I said I would write a post about? On Saturday, November 8th, I will be ruck marching the entire Boston Marathon route over the course of 12 hours to raise awareness of Veteran suicides.



Currently, 22 Veterans a day are committing suicide. A DAY. That’s too much. Through Active Heroes and Carry The Fallen, we are trying to get that number to zero.

“Active Heroes’ mission is to strengthen active duty military, veterans and their families in order to provide the coping skills to manage the stress and the triggering points that lead to suicide. Active Heroes is dedicated to connecting and helping America’s military families through physical and mental therapy, home repairs and community outreach, financial assistance and community reintegration to halt the triggering points and stress associated with “hard times” that lead to suicide.”

Please take a moment to read about Active Heroes and Carry The Fallen. They are raising money right now to build a retreat where members of the military can integrate back into the public. There will also be times that it’s open for those with greater PTSD that are just not ready for that yet.

I’d also love it if you would consider a donation, no matter how small or large. You can donate through my fundraising page at I would love to raise $1000 by the time we do the march and I’m almost halfway there. If you can’t donate, please consider spreading the word and getting this information out there. I would love it if all my blogger friends could share this around the interwebs. Share their page, share my fundraiser, share anything – let’s get 22 to 0!






18 responses to “Active Heroes

  1. Kristin says:

    Happy Monday!! Great post!! XOXO!!

  2. Good luck reaching your donation goals and such a worthy worthy cause too!

  3. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    Sounds like a very worthy cause! Good luck!

  4. This is such a worthy cause and that sounds like an amazing challenge. Good luck!

  5. Wow this is amazing! Rucking that course is definitely way more challenging than just running it in my opinion. You’re awesome!

    • Courtney says:

      I don’t know about that, but it’ll definitely be a challenge, that’s for sure! I just need to keep thinking about the ones that can’t anymore. My friend Al is doing it in a wheelchair to see what it’s like. He’s an amazing dude.

  6. d20girl says:

    Happy to help out and proud of you for making a difference!

  7. cwupcake says:

    Good luck on your ruck and in fundraising. Definitely a very worthy cause. We just had a speaker come to my VFW Post to talk about Veteran suicide (I’m in the Ladies Auxiliary). As if they don’t have enough difficulty finding proper healthcare, getting them in for proper mental healthcare is downright impossible. And that’s even if they recognize and admit that they need the help.
    Thank you for helping to raise awareness.

  8. Wow. Good luck reaching your goal. What a wonderful cause. Those statistics are frightening!

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