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Face The Music Friday #52

on September 19, 2014

Saturday – volunteered for Unleashed 4 hours at BoldrDash

Sunday – Surftown Half Marathon



Wait. Something is missing. There are more days to the week. Oh wait – I didn’t do a damn thing! Let me tell you all about the nothingness that was the rest of my week.

Sunday I did the half (yay me!). I had the normal soreness and could barely move the rest of the day. The following day – still pretty sore, but could move a bit better in general. However, I had this random pain on the outside of my foot. Not soreness, just pain. It happened every time I put weight on it (to stand or walk). If I’m sitting or laying down, it doesn’t even bother me in the least most of the time.

I had my chiro appointment scheduled well in advance for Monday after work. I told her about the foot pain so she had me take my shoe off to take a look. She took some little machine that vibrated and ran it along the outside of my foot and asked me if it caused any pain, which it didn’t. She told me that’s good because if it had caused pain it could be a stress fracture. She worked the hell out of that foot and calf/shin and said I should rest it.


My pain is basically the lower X


Tuesday, the pain was worse. I thought maybe it was because it was the second day, and I’m always a “hurts more on the second day” person after something strenuous. Then Wednesday came – and it still hurt really bad. I sent her an email to ask her if that was normal and she said she’d send me for an Xray to double check for the fracture anyway. I wasn’t going to be able to do it until at least Friday because I would have had to drive to Providence to get the Rx and then back to get the actual Xray so it wouldn’t have worked out. I decided to call my regular doc’s office and get an appt Wednesday afternoon because the imaging center is one floor below them so I could get it done in one shot.

The doc took a look at my foot and wiggled it every which way and nothing caused pain except just standing on it. She said it could be a bad strain or tendinitis. Lots of rest and icing were recommended (which I’ve been doing like it’s my job). The Xray confirmed also no fracture so that was good. I let the chiro know as well and she said peroneal tendinitis – lots of rest! So now of course I’ve been Googling the hell out of it to see how I can heal it faster. Luckily, should be OK within a couple of weeks from what I’ve heard/read.



Bad news is – I’ve got lots of things and stuffs going on! I’m supposed to do the CVS Downtown 5K on Sunday. I have the RI Run For The Fallen the following weekend, plus I’m going as support for my team at the NEFC overnight challenge that night into Sunday morning. Then GORUCK is in a few weeks.

I think everything will be play it by ear. My most important thing is the GORUCK. I didn’t pay for CVS because my company paid for this particular registration and I haven’t yet registered for the one after it. If I have to skip those, I can – I just don’t want to. You athletes know how it goes.

Enough blah blah blah. This week’s song is flashing back a few years. I love Rise Against so of course when their lead singer teams up with the Flobots, magic happens.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Flobots w/ Tim McIlrath – White Flag Warrior










20 responses to “Face The Music Friday #52

  1. Kristin says:

    Happy Friday!! Sorry to hear about your pain!! At least it’s not a fracture; although, pain is pain so it still stinks and hurts, right?!! 😦 I wish you a great weekend!! XOXO!! Feel better soon!!

  2. Big ole BOOOOO to injuries! I know its hard and your itching to get back out there, but you don’t want to overdo it either. Hope it heals quickly though!

    • Courtney says:

      Haha, I love all the dupes. Thank you! Hopefully a little clearing of the DVR will happen, but we also have an anniversary party and birthday party to go to this weekend.

  3. Bummer about the injury but hope it does recover quickly though. Just listen to that body (and enjoy that rest time.. maybe binge watch a few shows on netflix or something!)

  4. Have you tried soaking your foot, like in a hot bath or something? Hope it feels better soon!

    • Courtney says:

      I haven’t soaked it because everyone I’ve talked to and everything I’ve read says to ice it and only use heat before doing stretching. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  5. d20girl says:

    Funny that we have the same injury at the same time! I don’t see the PT until Tuesday but I’m doing rest, ice, Advil and stretching of my calf. I swear tight calves are the root of all my problems! Hope we’re both back on the road soon!

  6. Oh man!! I hope you get better ASAP. Not being able to put pressure on it is the WORST!

  7. Ugghhhhh… That is the worst.
    However, it will heal. I had tendinitis in the exact same spot after my Nashville Marathon and it hurt to step on it at all, but within about 2 weeks it was way better. I will hope yours heals fast.

  8. Foot pain is no good!! Hopefully it gets better quickly! Have a great weekend!

  9. biz319 says:

    My left knee has been bothering me for three weeks, and I am finally going in tomorrow to get it checked out. Same here, doesn’t hurt if I am off my feet, but as soon as I walk, stand it kills. I’ve been complaining about it so much, my husband is sick of me limping around – he’s had arthritis in both knees for years so I am just understanding what knee pain is all about.

    Here’s to a quick recovery! 😀

  10. That sounds exactly like the pain I had earlier this summer! I had to rest it for about a week and a half and get new shoes. KT tape also helped a ton! I hope it feels better soon!

    • Courtney says:

      My KT Tape must suck. It only lasted a day on my foot! LOL

      But yes, I did that, icing, ibuprofen, keeping it up as much as I can and I’m happy to say a week later I can basically walk without a limp (but not without pain yet). Getting there!

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