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Face The Music Friday #45

Saturday – Dirty Dash

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – Rest


I’ve had a cold since last Friday, so basically if I wasn’t running this week, I wasn’t doing anything else but resting. Next week is also going to be fairly insane, schedule-wise, leading up to my next Spartan Race so I’m not too worried about it. I still got all the training miles in that I was supposed to this week, so I’ll call that a win.

Big update on the nutritionist front: We’re pretty much done with him. I emailed him last Friday because it was the end of the first two weeks and that’s what he had told me to do. I figured we’d get a new/revised plan to follow that was more long-term or something. I never heard back, so on Tuesday morning I forwarded my email to him again. He just said sorry for the delay, he was working on his new store. He said he wanted us to keep doing the same (ONE DAY) diet and to start taking metabolism boosting/fat burning supplements and they could have caffeine or not. I told him we weren’t interested in taking any pills like that, was there a natural alternative? He said the only alternative would be to revise the diet even more strict for fewer calories! We’re already in the 1400 calorie range, so I told him that doesn’t seem very safe. This was his reply “Well it’s either one of two things, either you need fewer calories to continue the weight loss, or you could try eating more calories to stimulate weight loss.  I’m leaning towards less calories because your body’s have slowed down pretty quick.  Let me look over your meal plan and send something over to you in a bit.”

I don’t know what he means by “we’ve slowed down pretty quick”. We both lost around 10 lb in the first week, but that always happens to me when I try a new diet plan. Then it evens out to a couple of pounds a week. Apparently what I feel is “safe” isn’t losing enough. And by the way, when he said he would “send something in a bit”, he never replied back again, and that was Tuesday morning. So yeah, we’re basically done with him. I guess if he can’t sell you his other part of his business (protein powders and pills), then he doesn’t want to bother going anywhere with the nutrition plan we shelled out $75 (discounted) for. Guess I should have trusted everything I’ve ever read that said to see a registered dietitian instead of a “nutritionist”. So we’re on our own yet again but we’ll figure something out.

This week I’m going to throw something completely unexpected at you for a song. I heard one of her songs at one of the cookouts this past weekend and was told to check her out. I’m pretty selective with the rap I listen to (and mostly old school stuff like Snoop and Dre) but I’m really into her music I’ve listened to so far. This was one of the songs I chose to download the other day. I opted for the lyric version of the video because the other one is pretty intense.


Angel Haze (feat Sia) – Battle Cry