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Face The Music Friday #44

on July 25, 2014

Saturday – 4 hours standing at Samurai Sprint and then walking around Boston before the concert

Sunday – 7 miles

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – 30 min elliptical

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – Rest


This week was pretty spot on with my training plan. The only change-up I made this week was making today a rest day instead of tomorrow since tomorrow I will be racing. The timing is actually pretty perfect because this week tapers back just a bit so that my long run on Sunday would have been 4 miles before it jumps up again. Since the Dirty Dash is probably going to be close to a 5K course (I would imagine, though I’ve never done it) I figure that will just be my weekend run. I haven’t decided if I’ll take Sunday off or not, I guess I’ll see how I feel.

I pushed myself a little on Tuesday and Thursday with my runs. The plan I’m following for the half marathon is a 4 min run/2 min walk plan, which I’m sure I mentioned before. I set my intervals on Runkeeper and just listen for the jingle telling me to switch. It’s been going great and I can feel my endurance starting to come back (finally!!!). I decided on mile 3 of 4 to run the whole last mile and I was able to do it on both days! Slowly but surely, I’m getting there.

We were invited to two BBQs this weekend, so it’ll be another busy weekend, but I can’t wait. We may splurge just a little bit, depending on the food available. I know one of them seems like it will be really healthy, so splurging for us might just be having some fruit. Speaking of splurging, I think tweaking the diet plan this week has made a little bit of a difference. My body could also be getting used to this crazy deficit of carbs. I didn’t stick strictly to the 20% or less carbs ratio every single day, but didn’t go crazy either (I think one day was 30%). I need to send him an email since it’s been two weeks now and see what we’re supposed to do next. He had only given us one day of a diet plan and said “follow this for two weeks”. I feel like I could have done that myself for $75. So we’ll see…I’ll continue to update on that.

Not much else to talk about this week, so let’s rock the 80s, shall we? I wanted to do a little throwback today and mix it up some. I love Annie Lennox’s voice so it was an easy choice to include The Eurythmics song Sweet Dreams. While I do love Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams also, I’ve been digging the 80s lately on Spotify so that’s what I’m going with today.







8 responses to “Face The Music Friday #44

  1. Nice! Have fun at the cookouts!
    I hope your diet plan starts to improve-paying the $75 and not
    Having great contact with the nutritionist plus them suggesting a terrible Protein powder would drive me mental!

  2. Aww, I love a little Annie Lennox. It just takes me back to a different time! Good luck with your race this weekend! -M

  3. Great week! I love me some Annie Lennox too. Her voice is astounding! Have fun at all the bbq’s and at the race!!

  4. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    Nice choice for your throwback video! I loved the Eurythmics, and really loved most 80’s videos on MTV.

    Have a fun weekend!

  5. dgobs says:

    Great song! Good luck at your race and enjoy all your cookouts! 🙂

  6. Michelle @ Running with Attitude says:

    Oh I love Annie Lennox’s voice! Good luck with your race!!

  7. piratebobcat says:

    Way to knock out your workouts! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Great week! Good luck at your race! I admit I like the Marilyn Manson version more but great song. 🙂

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