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Face The Music Friday #40

on June 27, 2014

Saturday – 5k Foam Fest

Sunday – rest

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 3 mi run

Wednesday – Off Road Conditioning w/ Unleashed

Thursday – spear throwing at Unleashed (AM and PM)

Friday – rest


I’ve already blathered enough about Foam Fest on Saturday, but want to update on how my scraped up hand from Tuff Scramblers held up. If you don’t want to see pics of it, scroll real fast! The first pic is a few days after it happened (Sunday 6/15) and the second pic is from Thursday morning (6/26). It’s coming along nicely, but I’ll probably wrap it up in New Skin and waterproof tape again just to be safe. It did really well through Foam Fest so I think that’ll be fine.


Right at the base of my hand where it meets my wrist, increasing the ouch factor every time I moved my hand!



Ironically, the only injury I received from Foam Fest happened *after* the race. We had stopped at a diner on our way home for a late breakfast. When we came back out to the car, I had my hand resting on the top of my rear passenger door. I didn’t realize the window was even open, but I accidentally got my finger closed in the window. I’ve had a bruise across the front and blood blister under my nail for the last week from it. It hurt so bad at first I couldn’t even rest the finger on the ice pack on the way home, but now the pressure is gone and it really only bothers me if I bump the nail against something. I also got the free race photos (YAY!) yesterday, so here are the only 2 I liked (out of the 6 I found of me).




I’ve sort of laid low this week. I didn’t want to do anything too overtaxing before my first ever Spartan Race on Saturday. I started half marathon training on Tuesday, which called for 3 miles. I had a decent run and the weather was great. I was supposed to run again Thursday, but decided I wanted to take it easy Thurs/Fri, so I opted to do the Off Road Conditioning class Wednesday night instead. That sort of turned into the class I almost quit.

We met up at the normal time and Bobby, one of the new trainers was filling in for Kevin. Bobby did a great job and has been really awesome in the few classes I’ve had with him so far. We changed up our workout a little and I was fine for maybe the first 15-20 minutes. I had noticed my calves immediately starting cramping during our warm-up jumping jacks, but just figured it was the new movement. The weather was very warm and super humid so I had a lot of trouble breathing, but just figured it was the humidity.

As we finished our warm-up lap around the lake, I started getting nauseous and then shortly after that, my entire arms (from both shoulders to fingertips) were cold and tingly, like pins and needles. I let Bobby know and told him I’d keep walking as long as I felt OK. We were on our way over to the trails, so I told him I would just walk up and down “The Spine”. Basically it’s a really steep hill in the middle of the woods where the trails are that we run. They went in and out and when they would come out I’d do the regrouping exercises with them (burpees, jumping jacks, squats, bear crawls) and then they’d go on the trails and I’d continue my trek up and down The Spine. I was pissed at myself more than anything because I’m fairly certain it was dehydration, especially coupled with the fact my calves and hamstrings kept cramping. I kept on keeping on though, and finished the whole class – even if I did have to walk.

The other owner of Unleashed, Janine, offered to help people with their spear throw technique Thursday morning so we wouldn’t have to do burpees on Saturday. We arranged to meet up before work and I also met up with a friend from class Thursday night to practice even more. I’ve finally gotten the form down and have found a sweet spot that I keep hitting. They don’t always stick, but they’re at least flying straight now. I think I just need to get them a little higher to make sure.



And here is video of me from last night. I’m getting them to stick in the hay, but I’ve really got to figure out how to get them to stick higher. Kevin said the hay “men” are about 4 ft off the ground so that doesn’t bode well for me.




I’ve got errands to do tonight with Tara and then Julie will be joining us tonight at some point since she will be coming to the Spartan Race, too. Dan wasn’t interested in coming so it’s going to be a girls weekend! Julie also wants to do a little gambling since the race is being held outside a nearby casino.

This week’s song isn’t really a typical song I’d have on a workout list, but it’s been stuck in my head for weeks. While I loved the song before, I recently saw it performed by the teachers at the dance recital we went to a couple of weeks ago and it’s just stuck with me even more. I particularly love the line “love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”. This one is for my wife/sherpa/cheerleader/mud cleaner/awesome one, Tara.


John Legend – All Of Me





I hope everyone has a great weekend! Who else is racing?






18 responses to “Face The Music Friday #40

  1. d20girl says:

    Sorry you had a crap workout, it’s so frustrating when you feel bad during one. I’ve had a lot of trouble with my calves cramping up this summer. I had to stop three times during my run yesterday to stretch them out because they were all knotted and cramped! And that wrist injury looks horrible! Glad it is healing up!

    • Courtney says:

      Yeah it’s really annoying. Sorry you’re having the cramping trouble, too!

      The wrist looked so much worse at the beginning. I just happened to have that picture from early on because we had texted it to a friend. The few days right after it happened were super bad.

  2. Ok Spear throwing looks badass. I want to try! LOL

    • Courtney says:

      I highly recommend it! Apparently the spears are pretty easy to make with stuff from Home Depot and I can imagine you can get hay bales at any local farm?

  3. Love that song too! It kinda looks like you’re training for the Hunger Games! Have a great race.

  4. Spear throwing! How fascinating!

  5. dgobs says:

    I second Des… spear throwing does look badass!
    The Foam Fest pictures are great! It looks like you were having fun even though the race was kind of lame. What does your headband say? New England something?
    I’m also racing this weekend, but a tame 5K and not a Spartan race 🙂 Although, it’s an “all-terrain” race and not just a road race so that should be interesting!

    • Courtney says:

      Thanks! It’s awesome!

      It says New England Spahtens. It’s a race team I belong to on Facebook that do a lot of races all over the place (not just OCR either).

      Oddly enough, the Spartan Race tomorrow has been reported to have a lot of pavement/road running which I find interesting. Could be the new location, it’s never been held at Mohegan Sun before. Maybe the Tribe didn’t want them digging up the grounds for mud pits or whatever. We’ll see when we get there I guess!

  6. piratebobcat says:

    Good luck! PS, I was going to skip by your spear video, but my 5 year old made me play it! Haha, ‘why is she throwing a spear?” Hope your injury heals fast. I like neosporin.

    • Courtney says:

      You can say “because it’s AWESOME”! HAHAHA

      Yeah, I used Neosporin like it was my job and I think that helped a lot. I also tried to keep it uncovered half the time to let some air to it and help the healing. It’s not too shabby this morning.

  7. I didn’t scroll fast enough! Glad it seems to be healing well though. Spear throwing sounds and looks awesome! Good luck on your race!

  8. Awesome that you are combining your obstacle stuff with the start of half training.

    • Courtney says:

      Yeah I’ve already messed it up, but it just started so I won’t worry about it the first two weeks. And if anything, I messed it up by running too much, not too little so that’s OK. LOL

  9. Your pictures from the Foam Fest are awesome! I hope your Spartan Race went well!

  10. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    spears? seriously!?!?! that makes me want to run and hide. can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

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