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Face The Music Friday #39

on June 20, 2014

Saturday – Gaspee Days 5K

Sunday – Unleashed at Tuff Scramblers

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 30 min run

Wednesday – Cleaned our pool and enjoyed the water on a ridiculously hot day

Thursday – 30 min walk & mowed lawn

Friday – Not sure yet – might get a walk in later, but had lots of errands this morning


Just a quick weekly update today. I can’t lose my Friday streak after all! I took today off work and Tara and I got a ton of errands done since I have a Foam Fest tomorrow. I’ll have a race recap either Sunday or Monday on that one.

My hand is still killing me and is a fairly open wound since Sunday. It’s healing, but slowly. I bought some New Skin this morning and gauze/waterproof tape to wrap it up good against the mud tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t get any worse and hopefully I can still function with that hand being so sore right now.

My song choice this week is one that has gotten stuck in my head for weeks now. I think it’ll be one of this year’s summer anthems. I’m calling that prediction right now. Have a great weekend everyone!


Magic! – Rude











14 responses to “Face The Music Friday #39

  1. Good luck tomorrow! I didn’t know foam fests were muddy until I clicked on that link. Sounds fun!

  2. Hope your hand gets better soon.

    • Courtney says:

      Thanks! That hand is slowly healing and did well during the race, but then my ring finger on my other hand got closed in a power window in a car, so now I can’t do anything without looking like a goon. LOL

  3. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    sounds like a solid week! hope you had fun with the foam 🙂

  4. haleyduke17 says:

    Hope you had a fun weekend. That foam fest sounds like fun.

  5. Hope your hand’s doing better!

  6. So sorry about the hand and hope the “new skin” helps!

    Say, they don’t sell “new brain,” do they? I could really use that! 🙂

    • Courtney says:

      The New Skin was great! I also put gauze over it with cushioned waterproof tape and had zero issues with my hand! It was fantastic. Now, if I knew where to find “new brain” I’d be first in line and I’d grab an extra for you!

  7. I seriously have had that song stuck in my head daily…we are now fighting because it’s keeping me up at night…”why you gotta be so rude,” Magic!?

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