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Face The Music Friday #30

on April 18, 2014
Fitness this week:
Saturday – Yard work
Sunday – 7 mile run (1 hr 34 min)
Monday – Chiro appt
Tuesday – PT stretches
Wednesday – 30 min run/walk
Thursday – PT stretches
Friday – possibly a run later, or maybe just PT stretches because I’ll be having a pretty active weekend


Lilah didn’t want me to leave so she watched me walk away and waited for me in the front window.


I would say my first ever 7-mile run was a big success! I mapped out a route about 7.5 miles because I always include a 1/4 mile warm-up and cool down. I did the first half the way I mapped it out, but decided a second loop of it would be boring (even if I was going to be going in the opposite direction) so I changed it up – this may have been a mistake. I wanted to stay somewhat close to home, so the first time I went out I took the right bike path out of the neighborhood then looped around the main road and back in. It was at this point that I decided to switch it up. When I headed back around, I went down the left bike path and planned to loop around like I used to. I could have sworn when I used to do this loop that it was 3 miles, but somewhere along the line I got mixed up in how far I’d gone and how far I had left. No worries – I just ran the neighborhood streets until it clicked over to that magic number!



This is also where I had my first ice bath (sans actual cubes). I let the tub fill with the coldest water possible and then threw caution to the wind and stepped right in. That was the absolute worst part because my feet and ankles were instantly mind-numbingly, achingly cold! Once I had my feet in, sitting wasn’t so bad. Honestly, the whole of my legs and butt were fine (I do have plenty of insulation), but man did it hurt my ankles and toes! I managed to stay in for 10 minutes and I honestly think it helped with my recovery the next day. For the remainder of Sunday I had to kind of hobble around the house because my calves were *really* tight, but I put on a clean pair of calf sleeves and wore them for the rest of the day, plus slept in them, and I was mostly OK the next day! I don’t know if it was a combo of the new bigger shoes or the ice bath or what, but I was a happy camper (and so was my chiro Monday night at my appt).





I still need to do up a post about the chiropractor/shoe situation but I just don’t have enough waking hours in the day. I’ve got a rough draft, but I’ve also since replaced 2 more pairs of shoes (trail running and hiking shoes since I may use them this weekend) and kind of want to include those in there.

This week has been a really extreme weather week in New England and I’m not happy about it. Monday was close to 80 and then by Wednesday it had dropped to freezing and there was snow on the ground and cars when I got up!! It’s been really windy and chilly since then, but looks like the weekend might be nicer, near 60 and no rain. I’ll take it!





I’m planning on doing my Unleashed class tomorrow morning (instead of last night like normal) and then do a couple of things around the house. We plan on maybe taking a hike with Julie and Dan and then Sunday we’ll have Easter dinner at my aunt’s house.

My song choice this week is a Jack Johnson song that I love. He always makes me think “summer” when I hear his music, so I’m hoping to speed the nicer weather up. Plus he’s just got such a chill, mellow voice I could listen to him all day. Enjoy!

Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes








17 responses to “Face The Music Friday #30

  1. 7 miles. Bam. Nice job!

    Um, yes – New England needs to pick a season and stick with it. I got a sunburn on Monday and then … snow on Wednesday?! My sinuses gave up trying to keep pace, ha.

  2. osarah26 says:

    Awesome run! That ice bath though… I can’t even stand it when I turn on the shower and the water runs cold for like a millisecond. Running in a t-shirt and shorts last weekend almost seems like it was a dream.

  3. Taryn says:

    Jack Johnson is my favorite “windows down” nice weather music.. love driving around with him singing!

  4. Oh, that is one of my favorite Jack Johnson songs. ❤ him! And I cannot believe you've got snow again this week. Insane! Great job on the 7 mile run! I find that the combo of an ice bath plus compression socks helps a lot in recovery after a long run!

  5. Congrats on the 7 miler. Awesome.

  6. Congrats on the 7 miler, awesome! I could not handle an ice bath, I remember using one back in high school when I was injured once and that was enough! My coworkers have had full conversations about that song but I have never actually listened before 🙂

  7. biz319 says:

    I was a sprinter in high school and used to get shin splints. We had to sit in that ice bath what seemed like forever – don’t miss those days! Glad it helped and great job on the 7 miles!!

  8. Yay for the run but holy crap that ice bath sounds AWFUL! I wouldn’t have the fortitude. The best I can do is sometimes put a baggie of ice on something and even then I whine about it. Glad you found something that helps with recovery though!

  9. Heather says:

    1. WAY TO GO on those 7 miles!! I love the feeling hitting a new distance gives me and hope that you are still living off that feeling, yourself!

    2. I haven’t ever tried an ice bath before, but I think going into my first one with JUST cold water and no ice may be the way to do it. I usually notice some swelling in my legs the day after an extremely hard/long run, and I bet that the cold water bath would help with that, as well as some soreness. Writing down that cold water idea for when my running gets more intense….because ice just seems so scary for my wimpy self 😉

    3. I LOVE JACK JOHNSON lately. I added a bunch of his stuff to my work/office playlists and have really been enjoying singing along. Banana Pancakes is one of my favs : )

    4. Hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend!

  10. piratebobcat says:

    I always include my yard work as a workout too! 4 hours of mowing, weeding, trimming, etc. always wears me out! I love Jack Johnson!!! Been lucky enough to see him twice in concert!!

  11. Congrats on your 7 miles! I’ll be interested in reading about the chiro/shoe situation. I’m having some issues and have been going to PT. I wonder if it is my shoes?

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