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Face The Music Friday #23

on February 28, 2014

Fitness this week:

Saturday –  unscheduled rest day (Julie and Dan visit)

Sunday – 30 min yoga

Monday – 50 min run/walk

Tuesday – 30 min yoga

Wednesday – 30 min run/walk

Thursday – 1 hr obstacle fit @ Unleashed

Friday – rest



I was the only one who showed up for obstacle class Thursday night. I’m not gonna lie – it was freakin’ awesome doing it by myself. Kevin asked what I wanted to do in particular, so I said let’s mix it up between a regular class and some skills work. He definitely delivered on a heart-pumping workout. I don’t think my heart rate has ever gotten so high during a workout, and that includes his Ultimate Conditioning class that I took a few weeks back! I also enjoyed that I got some time to pick his brain about tips and such for the Tough Mudder. He told me they’re having a NE Spahtens day at Unleashed on 3/15 so I’m definitely going to that to meet some others in the group, plus he said they do a gear swap and you get a regular class and some skills work done in there, too. He also said they’re going to start having a nutritionist working out of there soon, plus in April sometime (I think that’s when he said) they’re going to have a class about how to run a great obstacle race (what to wear, eat, carry, etc). To say I’m excited about this upcoming stuff doesn’t even begin to describe it!

I had every intention of getting up this morning for my run so that I could switch my rest days from Friday to Saturday, but my eyes had better ideas. I couldn’t pry them open this morning when my alarm went off at 4 am. Not to mention the fact that my butt is crazy sore from doing hop squats, alternating lunges and then deep walking lunges in class last night. Holy ouch, Batman!!

Tara and I may be hitting up the REI members “garage sale” tomorrow morning and see if we can’t find any good deals on anything for when we can finally get back on the trails! I might also look for a smaller Camelbak at Kevin’s recommendation because he said I’ll definitely want stuff with me for the Mudder and not to rely on the aid stations.

For this week’s music, I can’t think today (which is bad, because it’s end of month at work!!), so I asked Tara which song I should pick. Note to self: never ask Tara which song to pick again. She suggested I go with the 80s classic Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart. I’m going to include it, only because it’s hysterical, but now that means you get a two-fer today, you lucky devils!

My song choice for today will be a new favorite, but kind of sticking with the 80s theme because it’s very synth-heavy like the music was in that time. So I picked Mother We Share by Chvrches.

Have a great weekend everyone!







12 responses to “Face The Music Friday #23

  1. Excellent week there! (I REALLY need to get back to yoga too!) Love the 80s flashback!

  2. biz319 says:

    I love 80s music!! Love it! 😀 Have a great weekend Courtney!

  3. That obstacle class you’re taking sounds like a blast!

  4. Sounds like you were a beast on Thursday night! Tell Tara that I like her throwback selection! 🙂

  5. DragonLady says:

    Love Corey Hart!!!

    I’ve been pretty non-commenting for a while all over the blogosphere, and I just wanted to thank you for still stopping by my blog. 🙂

  6. Seems like showing up to obstacle class on your own is like getting a personal training session. Awesome.

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