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Face The Music Friday #19

on January 31, 2014

Fitness this week:

Saturday – Shoulder/Leg – all 3 sets of 12-15
Machine Shoulder Press – 20 lb, Barbell Incline Shoulder Raise – 20 lb, Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug – 25 lb, Barbell Squat – 75 lb, Barbell Standing Calf Raise – 75 lb, Farmer’s Walk (50 steps) – 40 lb, Abductor – 160 lb, Adductor – 160 lb

Sunday – Run/Walk 38 min

Monday – Chest/Tricep – all 3 sets of 12-15 plus 30 min Yoga
Dumbbell bench press – 20lb, Machine Fly – 70 lb, Dumbbell decline bench press – 15lb, Push-ups – 10, 10, 8 (no knees), Cable rope pushdown – 25 lb, “The Monster” – 20 lb, Machine assisted dip – 100 lb

Tuesday – Run/Walk 35 min & 1 hr Ultimate Conditioning Class @ Unleashed

Wednesday – Unscheduled rest day – tweaked my ankle doing box jumps Tues night

Thursday – 37 min run/walk & 1 hr Obstacle Class @ Unleashed

Friday – rest


Sooooo many burpees this week.



Here’s the deal: every week Julia and I go to Unleashed for our obstacle training class on Thursday nights. We have done this for the last month. Whenever we go, this Ultimate Conditioning class is going on before our class that Kevin also teaches and he’s always telling us how great it is for prepping you to become stronger to tackle the obstacle courses.

Now, when I bought my class card for Unleashed, I did so with the intention of only going to practice my obstacles. I already have my PF membership so I continue going there for my regular workouts and wanted to use this as my “specialty” gym to conserve classes. Julia, though, is always saying how she wants to try other classes they have there. We were talking about it after class last week and Kevin said “don’t worry, I’ll make sure she comes with you” and goes behind the counter. He comes back out and hands us each a free class card, just to ensure that I would come to one of the Ultimate Conditioning class with Julia. Evil.



We decided we’d go to the Tuesday night class (since we can’t get out of work until 6 and these classes start at 6:30). It was a SCORCHER. I was dying. Julia was dying. Her cousin Paola (who is also going to be on our Mudder team) was dying. It was insane. I think we used almost everything in that gym. We used the TRX, battle ropes, sleds, etc and did a ridiculous amount of burpees. He also had us do box jumps (which I’ve never done). I had a lot of trouble with them because they felt a little high to me and I was having trouble jumping both feet up at the same time. Well, lo and behold, I found a way to injure myself just by jumping. I went up with both feet and jammed (for lack of a better term) the sole of my foot at an odd angle against the edge of the box. Let’s just say I didn’t do any more jumps (I switched it up to just stepping up and down when it was my turn in the rotation). It hurt pretty bad on Wednesday so I took the day off and it seems to be almost back to normal so the rest of my routine Thursday was the same as always.

Kevin is doing some ridiculous crazy 8 hr obstacle course in Vermont this weekend, so when we went for obstacle class last night Janine was teaching it. Oh, and she likes burpees even more than Kevin!! We must have done a total of probably 5-7 minutes of burpees in either 30 second, 1 minute or 2 minute segments. Did I mention I hate them? So yeah…my shoulders are killing me this morning. It could also be the fact that we did THREE rounds of the obstacles last night (including monkey bars) and the fact that her idea of the first movement in a warm-up is to inchworm all the way down the turf! All. The. Way.




I’m really excited that it is FINALLY Friday. We’re staying up in MA this weekend at Julie and Dan’s house. This will be Tara’s birthday weekend. Bank of America does a thing the first weekend of every month that you show your debit card and you get free museum admission. One of the museums on the list is the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. We’ll take the T into the city, hit up the museum and then we’re going to use Yelp to find a place to have lunch…maybe even do a little bakery hopping or something. We’ll see where the day takes us!

My inspiration for the song this week comes from our class last night. Just as we were near the end of our last cycle of obstacles, this song came on and totally pumped me up to just finish when I was ready to pretty much lay down on the floor and make everyone else just jump over me. Thank you, Macklemore.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us







13 responses to “Face The Music Friday #19

  1. haleyduke17 says:

    Love that song. Did you see them at the Grammys? One of the best performances.

  2. That class sounds amazing and horrifying at the same time. I HAVE to get back to circuit training class. Looks like you’re doing awesome!!

  3. Sounds like a CRAZY workout! Also? Burpees kick my ass. I don’t care how good shape I think I’m in…I CAN’T do them! Haha.

    • beach3519 says:

      I feel like on professionals can do them properly. I watch other people in the class sometimes when I’m sucking air and even the buffest dudes in the class seem to have trouble from time to time.

  4. mizunogirl says:

    I dislike burpees too mostly because i suck at them. OMG the entire workout sounds awful. I did box jumps this week too. I actually decided to use some of the 360 squishy things to jump on…but pulled my knees way high up. Oh yeah, when I hit the “box” it made a horrific SMACK all across the gym. SO center of attention. I am impressed at your resolve to do this. I totally would not be doing that. Though again….a lot of these excersise seem to be creeping into my routines.

  5. Holy crap, I have to admit that your workouts scare me! They sound awesome and you’re a rock star for doing them!

  6. With the workouts you’ve been doing you are going to crush the Mudder! And I’m right there with you on how much I don’t like burpees!!

  7. Yankee Girl says:

    Love Macklemore! Little bit of hometown pride there, he’s from my hometown. Though I heard something this week that he maybe is (used to be?) a truther? Hmm.

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