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Face The Music Friday #14

on December 20, 2013

You may notice something missing at the beginning of this Face The Music Friday. As I mentioned in my last post, the scale is making me anxious and I don’t want that becoming an issue. I’ve barely gone on it this week and have decided that I may not update on that for quite some time, maybe a couple of months when I feel like I’ve gotten my control back. You guys will just have to be kept in suspense. Maybe I’ll have a big reveal, with celebrities, giveaways and cute baby animals.



Or maybe not. Please! You think I have that kind of budget?!?

Let’s move on, shall we?


Fitness this week:

Saturday – Walked a lot doing some shopping at the outlets and malls

Sunday – Shoveled heavy ass snow for 45 minutes. Yuck.

Monday – Chest, Triceps, Core (all sets of 4, 8 reps per set):

Bench Press – 90 lb, Fly – 85 lb, Cable uppercut – 10 lb each side, Push-ups to failure – 7, 6, 5, 5 (none with knees)
Tricep Dips – (Assisted w/ 85 lb), Rope pull-down – 35 lb, Kickbacks – 12.5 lb
Ab Crunch – 85 lb, Torso rotation w/ cable – 27.5 lb, Knee Raise – 10 x 4, Planks – 45 sec x 4

Tuesday – Walked – 45 minutes

Wednesday – Back, Biceps (all sets of 4, 8 reps per set):
Row – 35 lb, Back Extension – 110 lb, Pull-up (Assisted w/ 120 lb)
Regular Bicep curl – 17.5 lb, Hammer Curl – 17.5 lb, Reverse Curl – 17.5 lb

Thursday – Walked – 30 minutes

Friday – rest


Someone posted this Buzzfeed list on Facebook this morning and I thought it was hysterical. Not all of these are my personal peeves, and some of my own are missing, but I really love #25. A lot of days I’m the only girl over in the weights portion of the gym (at least at 5am when I go).

Since this is the last Friday before Christmas (holy crap on a cracker!), I’ve made my musical selection holiday appropriate. I have too many favorites to pick just one Christmas song, but if someone held a gun to my head and made me do it, this would probably be my choice.

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo – Trans-Siberian Orchestra






14 responses to “Face The Music Friday #14

  1. I’m debating on chucking the scale as well, but then again, I know it’s my own damn fault that I loathe the scale so much! Loving the Elf gif! Hope you guys have a wonderful and magical Christmas!

    • beach3519 says:

      Thanks! You too!! And of course I had to throw Elf in there. It’s my new favorite Christmas movie since it came out, but I still love my classics.

      Maybe that can be part of our challenge. Not knowing how we’re progressing until a set date? Maybe just doing what we know is right and having to wait to see how it all works out so we don’t stress about the “off” weeks?

  2. biz319 says:

    Yep, the gym in January is going to be crazeballs, but it goes back to “normal” by February!

    Happy Friday!!

    • beach3519 says:

      Good to know! I think I might be OK too, because I’m typically there at 5am. They might be gung ho about the gym itself, but maybe not being there at that hour. At least I’m hoping.

  3. Yankee Girl says:

    For my entire life the scale has been my best/worst frenemy. Giving it up (well, most of the time) has been so liberating. Running and lifting weights has made a huge difference to how my body feels and I care about that change way more than a number on the scale.

    • beach3519 says:

      Yeah, I’ve been fine with it until the last few months that I can’t figure out what I’ve been doing wrong. But I don’t need the extra stress of it right now, so it’s just the right choice for me at the moment.

  4. I decided to just ignore the scale for December, watching the number go up was no fun, but the food so good, haha, I love that Christmas song!! Most of their Christmas stuff is great 🙂

  5. I have stepped off the scale for the holidays. I will step back on in a few weeks. Sometimes it isn’t worth it.

  6. Maren says:

    Ugh. That stupid scale.

    That gif there really cracked me up 😀

  7. I feel you! I skipped my Friday weigh in last week all casual like. My mojo is gone. But I’ve got a plan to get it back, starting tomorrow! I hope you’re having a great holiday, enjoy yourself and get back to it when you’re ready!

  8. *poke poke* We are missing a Friday post! Wahhh!

    • beach3519 says:

      I know! Life had kind of gotten in the way and I’ve lacked any motivation with the holidays and just wanting to spend down time with family and not on the computer as much. Working on one right now! 😉

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