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Has Anyone Seen My Mojo?

on December 18, 2013

It appears my mojo left me. I can’t seem to recall where I left it, but I suspect it’s hiding from me.



Every morning our alarm goes off at 4:40 am. Almost every morning I feel like rolling over and going back to sleep. When I first started going to the gym in the morning, I didn’t feel this way. I was pumped up, ready to go, ready to see what progressions I would make this week. Lately, I think I’m bored and depressed. That tends to happen with me a lot. Basically, I think I need to shake things up…and soon!

On Friday, I went and checked out a new obstacle gym near where I work (like 5 minutes down the road – convenient!). It’s not huge, but it’s got specific obstacles you’d encounter in races (wooden walls, cargo nets, monkey bars, etc). They don’t have a membership fee and only charge a “drop in” fee per class. They also have convenient times for the obstacle fit classes on certain days, at 6:30 pm, so we could change at work and pop over there in time (getting out of work at 6:00).

We’ve been creating a team between girls in my department and some of their family members (I think we’re up to 8). I’m a little bummed no one else that I’m friends with would be willing to do it, but if the other girls can bring in some strong dudes to help us get over some of the obstacles, I’m all for it. I can only do my best to control the anxiety of doing something challenging with people I don’t know.

I think after the holidays we’re going to start going there at least once a week. They offer a Groupon for discounted classes, plus they offer their own discount if you buy a bundle of them all at once. All in all, I think it would be worth it to at least work on the obstacles themselves, while I continue going to Planet Fitness to get stronger overall.

I’m hoping to also work yoga back into my rotation. I really notice my flexibility seems to have disappeared and I’m way more sore than I was when I was doing yoga before. I don’t know how I’m going to do everything I want to, but I’ve got to sit down and figure it out at some point or I’ll lose my mind. I’m a creature of habit and I need routine – it calms me down.



I really need to be better about my eating too. I’ve been fairly normal in the healthy stuff, however the snacking has gotten out of control. There are treats almost daily at work and while I used to be able to resist with little willpower, I can’t seem to very well lately. Posting my weight on my blog each week has made me more anxious than accountable, so I may take a break from that. I’ll probably still do a Face The Music Friday, with my fitness for the week and, of course, my wonderful song choices…but I may take a break from the scale. I haven’t decided yet. Not only will I probably not post about it, but I’m thinking I may even want to just not weigh myself at all for a while. Maybe I’ll do it here and there, or maybe I’ll only do it at my monthly check-in when I do measurements.

Right now, I just want to enjoy the holidays. I want to not be worrying about this crap. The chalkboard comes out soon. Plans will be made.

I WILL follow through.

11 responses to “Has Anyone Seen My Mojo?

  1. Are you my twinsie? I swear I could have written this post today! ((HUGS)) We WILL get back on track! I think I’ve fallen into the mentality that well, I totally screwed this month up, why not just end it with a bang. /sigh

  2. Cindy says:

    I get this way in December as well. I put it down to shorter days so I really celebrate the first sunny days of January because I know the days are getting longer and it is all going to get better and better.
    I wish they would stop dropping of boxes of those fancy cupcakes with the mile high icing swirls on top at work. They are too pretty not to eat!

    • beach3519 says:

      Haha, I know right?!?

      I can’t wait until the days are longer and the snow clears off my bike paths and hiking trails. Smelly gyms and fluorescent lighting are not my favorite.

  3. I had some bad mojo weeks lately too.
    I agree with you that mapping out a plan helps me feel less nervous and more on track. I hope you can get back at it and enjoy it all again.

  4. Yankee Girl says:

    a post-holiday challenge would be awesome! though not sure what, exactly. maybe there could be a mini fitness/health blog thing. I also feel like I need a kick in right direction.

  5. I think sometimes we all go through cycles. Find something that makes you excited to do it and that will help…I’ve been there trying to make myself like the newest thing and that makes it harder to get going 🙂

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