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Let’s Talk Jellybeans, or What Are You Going To Do Today?

on November 27, 2013

The other day, a friend of mine shared a video on Facebook. This was originally posted back in June on YouTube, but I hadn’t seen it before. Before I start rambling, please check it out:



Interesting, right? I’ve watched it several times since I first saw it. I’ve thought about it and thought about it. I feel as though I don’t have an answer to the question at the end – “what are you going to do today?”. I get up. I go to the gym. I go to work. I come home to spend maybe 2-3 waking hours with my wife. Bed. Rinse. Repeat. If we’re lucky on weekends, we may have one of our adventure dates. If not, maybe we have plans with friends. Or maybe we’re stuck doing yard work, cleaning the house or getting errands done.

I feel like I’ll never have a truly great adventure. This video got me to thinking of all the sights and places I would love to see in my lifetime, but will never have the luxury of a big, fat bank account to fund it all. I started a bucket list. Anybody else reading this have one? I haven’t posted it yet because I’m still adding to it, but eventually I’ll probably share. There are some relatively simple things on there that actually don’t require a lot of money (or are free) so I should be able to get to them at some point in my life.

Hopefully I’ll have enough jellybeans.





6 responses to “Let’s Talk Jellybeans, or What Are You Going To Do Today?

  1. Taryn says:

    I have a pretty extensive bucket list – like you said, some are pretty simple, but others are a bit crazier and will take awhile to plan and execute. It’s great to have fun goals like that!

  2. Desiree' says:

    Bucket lists are fun! And they don’t have to be full of expensive stuff either. It’s definitely something to think about and I think it’s a GREAT idea to have one!

  3. My bucket list isn’t set in stone (or even written down) but generally involves lots of travel and adventures. We did a 3 week cross country drive to Arizona with our oldest before we had the baby and it was definitely one of those bucket list trips (Grand Canyon North and South Rim, lots of other national parks). The two things that I really really want to do are hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim and hike the Appalachian Trail (maybe not all at once!). Those kind of things are my inspiration for getting fit and losing weight!

    • beach3519 says:

      Those sound like awesome goals! Most of mine is travel related too. I’ve never been outside the U.S. (other than 2 trips to Montreal) so I’d love to go to other countries. The Grand Canyon is a good one. I’m not sure we’d ever handle that much hiking. We like our little day trips right now! LOL

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