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Face The Music Friday #9

on November 15, 2013

My weight this week is:


Beginning:  240
Last week:  185.4
This week: -2.2 lb
Total loss:  56.8 lb

Another successful weight loss this week. I’ll take it! Running on the other hand, not so much. Starting late last week and becoming more noticeable on Monday was my knee pain again from my IT band. I roll like a maniac, but I need to get better about the PT stretches. I stretch after every run, always, but I do the stretches I did before I got hurt. I haven’t been good about keeping up with the specific strengthening that the PT gave me. So that will start again this coming week. I can’t stand being injured or being in pain all the time. I just want to run!!

One point of success is my new attempts at food. I’m 4 for 4 on the new veggie front. I’ll now be including broccoli, peas, spinach and asparagus. The first time I tried the spinach it was disgusting, but apparently Tara had cooked it too long and didn’t realize (even she thought it was bad and she loves spinach), so we tried again and it was pretty decent.

Other than that, the only new thing I’ve been trying is coffee. I’ve decided I’m now a coffee drinker (especially now being up and at the gym at 4:45 every morning), so I’m trying to find little sampler packs so I can experiment with different flavors. So far, I’ve liked almost every one I’ve tried – except this morning. I tried one called “Cafe Caramel” and it was SO sweet. I didn’t even add anything to it because it was so sweet. It definitely tasted like caramel, but I wasn’t sure that was a good thing. I had trouble finishing it.

We also tried a new recipe that Tara concocted – stuffed peppers. I don’t think I’ve ever had them before but they were really good. She used red peppers, chicken sausage, brown rice, onion, parmesan cheese and some seasonings I can’t remember. It was delicious!



Fitness this week:

Saturday – Running (outside) – 27 minutes

Sunday – Shoulders, Legs, Core (all sets of 4, 8 reps per set):
DB OH press – 15 lb, DB front raise – 7.5 lb, DB lat raise – 10 lb
Leg press – 80 lb, Leg extension – 60 lb, Leg curl – 70 lb, Hip Abductor + Adductor – both 150 lb, Calf Extension – 30 lb, Glute – 60lb
Ab Crunch – 60 lb, Torso rotation w/ cable – 15 lb, Cable hold – 10 lb x 30 sec, Knee Raise – 10 x 3, Plank – 30 sec x 4

Monday – Running (treadmill) – 27 minutes

Tuesday – Chest, Triceps, Core (all sets of 4, 8 reps per set):
Bench Press – 12.5 lb each side, Fly – 65 lb, Cable uppercut – 7.5 lb each side, Push-ups to failure (knees) – 18, 12, 13
Tricep Dips – (Assisted w/ 105 lb), Rope pull-down – 22.5 lb, Kickbacks – 10 lb
Ab Crunch – 60 lb, Torso rotation w/ cable – 15 lb, Cable hold – 10 lb x 30 sec, Knee Raise – 10 x 3, Plank – 35 sec x 4

Wednesday – unscheduled rest day (IT band/knee pain)

Thursday – Back, Biceps (all sets of 4, 8 reps per set):
Row – 35 lb (switched to dual pulley), Back Extension – 85 lb, Pull-up (Assisted w/ 130 lb)
Regular Bicep curl – 15 lb, Hammer Curl – 15 lb, Reverse Curl – 15 lb

Friday – rest



A couple of funny/nice things I’ve seen the last couple of days that I wanted to share as well. The first is this really sweet story and then after that is something SO true about me (just ask Tara)!

Jim’s Last Group Run

Hangry People

Now it’s time to pump up the jam! This week’s selection is a favorite of mine for my pace: Anna Sun by Walk The Moon. The video is actually really fun too (considering I just watched it for the first time right now). I love the way it builds up slowly and then it’s an all-out party!



9 responses to “Face The Music Friday #9

  1. Great job on the weight loss and the veggies. I’m such a picky eater I need to do a veggie challenge to learn to like more! And I ❤ the Gimli one, I feel that way when I'm running too! I've switched from Diet Mtn Dew (or Code Red) to coffee this month too and it's going pretty well.

    • beach3519 says:

      I’m super picky too! I’m working on it, and there are still some things that are just plain NOPE when I try it, but getting better. I may not eat these new things all the time, but once a week or every other week to get new, healthy stuff in will help.

  2. Desiree' says:

    Excellent job this week! I discovered recently that I didn’t hate broccoli and spinach either! OMG love the Gimli gif!
    Coffee is my bff some mornings. We have a brand here that I adore. Community Coffee Cafe’ Special.

  3. Good job on the weight loss. Sadly I can’t seem to get my act together and the scale is inching upward!! Ugh…..Hope your IT band feels better soon!

  4. Congrats on a good weight loss week! Sorry to hear about your IT band pain… 😦

    I loved Jim’s last group run!

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