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Two Loves Combined

on November 10, 2013

The other day I was at work, on my lunch break, listening to my iPhone and a song came on. There are just certain songs that take you on a journey. Maybe it was a time in your life that you did a “freeze frame” and will always associate the song with a perfect (or not so perfect) moment in your life. While I do that, I also tend to associate certain TV shows or movies with a certain song that will bring out emotions as well. This particular song reminds me of a very intense, very sad episode of Bones. That’s where I’ll begin…

There was a serial killer hunting Booth and he accidentally shot and killed one of the “squints”. He was my favorite of the interns on the shows later seasons once Zack was gone and it was a very emotional moment on the show. I was bawling my eyes out when we first watched it. Bones episode “The Hole In The Heart”.

Keep The Streets Empty For Me – Fever Ray (not a great video, but you get the scene and the song)



It goes without saying I’d include Doctor Who. They don’t typically use mainstream songs or anything like that, but this is my absolute favorite theme that’s been used on the show. Typically something very crazy is going on when this song plays.

I Am The Doctor – Murray Gold



Next is from one of my all-time favorite shows, Friends – “The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break”. It’s not exactly a happy moment in Ross and Rachel’s relationship, but I always associate the song with this episode.

With Or Without You – U2



This brought tears to my eyes just searching for the video! This is from the episode “Heartland” of NCIS. A sweet look back at when Gibbs first met Shannon.

Lost – Michael Buble



And honestly, found this great video with some awesome NCIS moments so you should watch this too:



This one is from CSI, back when I actually still watched it. Warrick’s death scene in the episode “For Gedda/For Warrick”.

Come Tenderness – Lisa Gerrard



From Criminal Minds episode “JJ”, this was her last episode (before she came back, of course). Guess that’ll happen when you can work out contract disputes.

Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne



Let’s get happier, shall we? From the movie Pitch Perfect, I could pick pretty much any of the songs so I’ll leave you with these:





Tell me what some of your favorites are!!


16 responses to “Two Loves Combined

  1. “I am the Doctor” is one of my ringtones, love it!

  2. There was an episode of the Shield that was playing the song “Overcome” by Live. I’ve loved that song ever since and always think of that episode when I hear it.

    I also think of Ireland when I listen to Meteora by Linkin Park because I bought the album when I was there. 🙂

  3. I recognized the guy in the originally imnoptep and of course the security detail for Director David. i liked that guy.

  4. What a cute post! I totally do the same thing…associate certain songs with certain memories or movies or tv shows!

  5. That Rachel and Ross episode always goes with U2 in my mind too. It is like I have them linked.

  6. How fun! I suppose mentioning “Mrs. Robinson” from The Graduate would kinda date me? 🙂 Yeah, I be old….

  7. Beth says:

    I love Ray Lamontagne. His voice is freaking amazing. Also, I love all the songs from The Wedding Singer. Whenever I hear Hall & Oats, I think of the cake tasting scene. Lol!

  8. Haha! Yes!!! These are all awesome! I’m kicking myself right now for not being able to think of one!

  9. Desiree says:

    Love me some Ray Lamontagne too. And David Gray. And Mat Kearney and those are just my singer/songwriters. I have about a bazillion other favorites.

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