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Electric Run (More Like Electric FUN!) Recap

on October 5, 2013

I can’t even describe how much fun we had last night at the Electric Run! I had originally signed up for this by myself as just another race to do, but it was so much more than that. I was supposed to do this with 3 women I went to high school with so I created a team the day that registration opened (because you could save $5 per person that way). Not a single one of them signed up – NOT ONE.

When I realized they weren’t going to about a week or two before the race, I asked Tara if she’d be interested in just walking the race with me. Technically, I wouldn’t even consider it a race because it wasn’t timed. She can’t run due to a partial muscle tear in her calf a while back, and since I’m injured as well, walking seemed perfect for us so we signed her up at the ridiculously high last minute registration price. It was totally worth it.

I switched shifts at work so we could get on the road sooner because traffic at the stadium is a nightmare to begin with. There is a huge shopping plaza right next to it called Patriot Place so between regular shoppers and racers, there were TONS of people going. We later found out the race had sold out and there were 15,000 people there. Tara met me at work at 4:00 and we ended up getting to Foxboro around 5:00 – not bad for a Friday!



Once we got into the parking lot, we decided what we wanted to carry in our pockets because the site had said there would be no bags or backpacks allowed. This didn’t turn out to be true because we saw tons of people running with bags or backpacks. Oh well. We then walked all the way over to registration to pick up our packets and when we saw they only came in a giant ziploc baggy, we decided to walk back to the car to dismantle them and repack ourselves. We did end up carrying all of our light up stuff we were planning on wearing in a grocery bag, but we were planning on tossing that with the rest of the garbage once we got dressed up, so we didn’t worry about it.



After we walked back it was now only around 5:45 or so (with a 7:15 start), so we decided to start putting on our glow gear. We had gone to iParty and Five Below to pick up some cheap neon stuff. We ended up wearing necklaces, bracelets, anklets (which were bracelets but were so huge they fell off our hands), rings and hanging sticks around our neck. We were given glasses too, but Tara’s broke as soon as she opened the package and mine looked really awkward on my face so we ended up getting rid of them.



After we got all of our stuff on and glowing, we took some pics with the cool backdrop they had set up and the scandalously underdressed SoCo guy. Woo woo! Then we had a little time to kill so we wandered and I kept trying to get my picture with the “bug mobiles”. I don’t know what they were, but they were like golf carts that were all decked out to look like insects or something. They drove around all over the stadium grounds, blasting music from speakers on the back of the cart. So fun!



We got kind of bored, so we decided to head over to the start chute and found out they were throwing tons of glow stuff into the crowd, so we tried to work our way up closer to get some more stuff. We definitely should have put some more thought into our attire because some people there had awesome costumes! Next time, we’ll definitely be doing that! We ended up getting a foam light up stick that they were throwing that I carried throughout the race but nothing else. The guy at the start line was definitely great at pumping up the crowd and the DJ was good too.


This is just the people I could get in the picture – it went MUCH farther back!


Once the race got started, it was REALLY hard to see. We were running on the pavement/parking lot/sidewalks around the outside of the stadium so it was nice and flat, but not well lit at the start. Once we started going through each of the “lands”, the decorations lit things up nicely without being too bright. Each “land” had a different style of music playing that suited the atmosphere that the decorations provided. It was really well thought out and I can’t imagine the planning that goes into an event of this size!



It ended up taking us around 1 hour to walk the whole thing, stopping to take tons of pictures and video along the way. We never knew how far we were because we never saw any mile markers. Tara was SO excited when she saw the finish sign! The whole thing went around the stadium, then it came inside and went up, up, up to the nosebleed seats via the ramps and then we came down the ramps on the other side.



They had 2 DJs playing sets after the race, along with beer and food, but we were exhausted and the lines for food were huge, so we decided to avoid the crowds leaving later (remember: 15,000 people!!!) and head home. I think we got on the road by 9:00 and, after picking my car up from work, were home by 10:00.

I would highly recommend this for FUN. If you are trying to be a serious runner and actually race, I wish you luck because it was too packed to get any speed unless you started at the very front. Tons of fun and I would recommend definitely doing it with friends. I kind of liked that I ended up doing it with just Tara. It was like another one of our “adventure dates”.


4 responses to “Electric Run (More Like Electric FUN!) Recap

  1. That race looks like soooo much fun!!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun time! I’m doing a color run this month and I’m planning on walking it with friends and family, I hope I have as much fun as you did!

  3. Desiree' says:

    Wow that looks like so much fun! I’d almost be terrified to run it at night with it being that dark anyway! Looks like you two had a blast! Love the pics!

  4. Sounds like fun! I would be afraid to try to race it because it sounds like even at the front it would be pretty dark and dangerous. I can easily injure myself in broad daylight; imagine what I could do in the dark! Congrats on another fun event!

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