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Four Amigos

Our best friends Julie and Dan are coming down for the weekend.

Excitement level:

OK, so that doesn’t really describe it. It’s even more than that.

Now, you would think we live states apart and hardly ever see each other. No, this is not the case. We live about an hour apart (in MA and RI), but only see each other maybe once a month or so. But when we’re together, we will stay up until midnight the first night we all come together chattering away…even though we talk EVERY DAY, throughout the day…and Face Time quite a bit.

Think we love each other much?

I think it’s because we’re all a special kind of crazy, each in our own unique way. And this picture is the epitome of that craziness. And I love it.

At their wedding


It’s Like Christmas!

Guess who got some new sneakers? This girl right here! Woot!


Yep, it’s that exciting!


Aren’t they gorgeous? I tried on a pair of Brooks and Asics too, but for the third straight time, I’m sticking with the Mizuno – the Wave Inspire 9. I just like the deeper heel the Mizunos have.



I can’t wait to feel comfortable enough to run again so I can check these bad boys out. I always love my first jaunt in a new pair.

In other news, the knee is feeling slightly better every day. I haven’t needed as much ibuprofen and have just been keeping up with ice. My suspicions moved from what I initially thought of as runner’s knee to more symptoms that relate to ITBS. I’ve been foam rolling 2, 3, even 4 times a day to try to work it out and it seems to help a bit. I also bought some KT Tape at Rhode Runner when I picked up my shoes because I figured it can’t hurt to try anything. I’m going by Dr. Google of course, so it could be something totally different – but it’s fairly textbook based on tons of stuff I’ve read online. So we’ll see how it feels for race day on Sunday I guess!


You Didn’t Ask, I Answered

Since my training is kind of hold while I rest this week (due to my knee pain), I figured I’d do some more “getting to know me” type stuff. You can also read here and here for more about me.

1. Are you named after anyone? I’m named after my great-great-grandfather. Yes, grandfather.
2. When was the last time you cried? Watching a re-run of NCIS – when Ducky had his heart attack after HQ was blown up.

That was a tough summer wondering whether he lived or not!

3. Do you have kids? Not yet
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I might, but I’m too shy and untrusting so I’m not sure I’d be my own friend! LOL
5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Never….
6. Will you ever bungee-jump? Hell to the no!
7. What’s your favorite cereal? I’m not a huge cereal person, but I like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? I tend to notice eyes first
9. What is your eye color? Hazel – but they change color depending on my mood. When I’m happy, Tara calls them my sunflower eyes.
10. Scary movie or happy endings? I love both, but I’d probably lean more towards happy endings.
11. Favorite smells? Ocean, rain, Yankee Candles (too many to list, please don’t make me), fresh baked cookies, or cake, or cupcakes…baked goods of any kind basically!
12. Summer or winter? I’d rather pick fall, but if I have to choose from these two – summer
13. Computer or television? Computer – you can always turn it into a TV!
14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? San Diego, CA
If I ever leave New England, I'm living here!

If I ever leave New England, I’m living here!

15. Do you have any special talents? Useless trivia – especially music and movie related
16. Where were you born? Weymouth, MA
17. What are your hobbies? Making playlists, running, hiking
18. Do you have any pets? 2 amazing cats, Flynn and Delilah
19. Favorite movie? Don’t make me do it!!! Used to be Empire Records (which is still a huge favorite), but lately it’s been Pitch Perfect. Sensing the music theme here??
20. Do you have any siblings? One younger brother

Who and Monsters

It’s been a few weeks now since I started my blog and while I will most likely follow my training the majority of the time, I’d also like to have fun with it by throwing in some of my fandoms from time to time.

As it is right now, I’m waiting anxiously for the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who to come out. And then the Christmas special, where I will wish a sad farewell to Matt Smith’s incarnation of the 11th Doctor. Don’t even get me going on when the Doctors regenerate because I always feel like I’m losing a best friend. It pretty much goes like this: 9 was my favorite, I won’t like #10. Ooh, 10 was my favorite I won’t like #11…etc, etc, etc. It happens every time. I grow to love their take on the Doctor so much, it guts me to imagine someone else filling their shoes (or trenchcoat, or bow tie. Bow ties are cool).

If you’ve never seen an episode of Doctor Who, or know anything about the show, it’s very difficult to explain.

Yeah. That’s pretty much it.


I still remember the first episode I ever saw. It was Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and the episode was The God Complex (spoilers if you click on the link). I was bored one day watching TV and nothing good was on. A friend of mine was always talking about Doctor Who and since I had nothing to watch, I turned on On Demand and picked an episode. It was enough to get me very interested in watching more. I went back on Netflix and started from the beginning (well, the beginning of the reboot of the show, starting with the 9th Doctor). I’ve watched every episode multiple times and it’s still always amazing.



What I’d like to share today, however, is the things from Doctor Who that scare the hell out of me. I have a top 5 and will gladly share my nightmares with you.

#5 – Autons

Basically, store mannequins coming to life and trying to kill you. Good luck shopping without looking over your shoulder from now on.


#4 – Vashta Nerada

Always count the shadows. If you have two, you’re screwed. Good luck walking down a busy street on a sunny day.


#3 – Empty Child

Little children in horror movies are always terrifying. Have them walk around with a gas mask on their face asking “Are you my Mommy?” – uber creepy.


#2 – The Silence

What’s creepy about something you don’t remember? The fact you wouldn’t remember seeing them but they could suggest you do something! Watch out for people with tally marks on their bodies. They’ve been counting.


#1 – Weeping Angels

The creepiest of the creeps. Any statue, anywhere – could it be a weeping angel? You’ll never know…then BAM! You’re sent back in time!


Enjoy your dreams tonight!


Sunny September Saturday

Today was race 1 of 5 in the next 5 weeks – the NK5K. I couldn’t have asked for better weather for running. Temps in the mid 60s and a nice breeze with bright sunshine. It was a perfect weather day.

We got there around 9am and it seemed a little disorganized. It was in Tara’s hometown and her high school so we knew how to get there easy enough, but no idea where to go from there. They were just wrapping up the kids fun run so we went to that area to check it out because I saw tables from the parking lot. Turns out those were the post-race food for the 5K. We ended up in the school cafeteria after asking somebody about where to pick up bibs.

After we got that all sorted out, we played the waiting game, as always. This is my time to people watch and psych myself up for the mobs of runners that I’ll be stuck in the middle of for a little while. Right before we lined up to start, I saw an old friend I used to work with that I hadn’t seen in probably a few years. Nice surprise!

After the race!

She gave me the heads up before the race of a brutal gradual hill that we would have to run so I was prepared. The race got going at 10am and I felt good. Very comfortable start. I felt like I settled into a pace pretty well and tried to not pay attention to other people because it tends to mess up my pacing.  I used my Runkeeper app to keep track of the distance and pace (finally remembering for once to turn it on at the start).

I felt good until around mile 2 when my stupid knee starting acting up again. I don’t know what’s going on with it but it’s really annoying me. I kept going at my regular pace and it was OK until we were almost at the very end. We were rounding the last corner when it started hurting so bad I nearly stopped to walk. Since I was so close to the end, I always like to pick up the pace to finish strong. I found that when I went a little faster that it eased up a bit. I ended up finishing in 35:21. Not my fastest, but with the hills I was pretty happy with that time.

I was pretty excited at the end because I was all by myself and all of a sudden I saw a green shirt out of the corner of my left eye. She was going pretty quick and finishing fast so I decided to sprint along side of her across the finish line. It was great, I think we crossed at the same time. She actually came up to me a minute later and, with a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and she gave me a high five. It was great and made me feel really good. Thanks green-shirt girl!

After the race, I said goodbye to my friend and went off to find a shady patch of grass to stretch on. I grabbed a post-race banana and drank my chocolate milk and we headed home.

After a quick visit home, we headed out to Barden Orchards to pick some apples. I can’t remember if I’d ever been fruit picking before but it was sort of fun. I probably would have enjoyed it more if my knee wasn’t so sore, but it was still a nice time.

We were a little put off by the prices for the stuff in their farm store so we decided to stop off at another Farmer’s Market that we know is more reasonably priced and a favorite of ours. Plus it was on our way home-bonus! We bought some fresh veggies and I also had my first taste of gelato (coconut-yum)!

Apparently, gelato makes me pensive

Since we got home after our farm adventures, we’ve just been trying to relax because my knee is a joke. I’ve had ice on it and been keeping it up most of the afternoon, plus some ibuprofen…so we’ll see. Hoping it works itself out because I’ve got four more races coming up and don’t want to be wasting registration money!

Just for good measure…one of my adorable babies.

Racing makes Flynn sleepy. I think I shall join him soon.



And so it begins…

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of 5 weekends in a row with a 5K race. I may be crazy. Wish me luck that I may survive.


kitten 5k

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Weekend Shenanigans Part 3

(Look here for parts one and two)

For our last day of our fun-filled weekend, we went to Shelburne Farms. The farm was built by the Vanderbilt/Webb family.





We got up there just in time to see them having goat kid playtime. They brought them out of their pens and let them roam around a fenced in area while everyone got to pet them and feed them apple tree leaves, which they LOVED.



I can never resist a picture when goats climb things.

I can never resist a picture when goats climb things.

After that, we checked out the other animals in the barns, including the people.





Once we were finished checking out the animals, we stopped in to see their cheese making facility. They make so many things on this farm, it’s amazing. We watched a short movie about their process, then stepped outside to where they actually make the cheese. They were in the process of “stacking” the cheese so not a whole lot was going on. We got to taste different aged cheeses, as well as a smoked cheddar that was pretty potent. We also managed to sneak in an apple cider donut.



We decided after checking out the cheese that we were hungry for lunch, so we got some food from their little “farm stand”. They had some really nice, healthy options to choose from. I had a grilled cheese, which used their farm-made cheese and bread. Tara had a cucumber melon soup and a focaccia type pizza thing. Zach and Melissa got a pork sausage and salad and a beef burger, again, all sourced from their farm.



After lunch, we checked out their bakery. They had a great selection of freshly made breads and sweet treats. We got a sticky bun and some pain au chocolate, but I didn’t try either of them.


Once we were through in the bakery, we decided to do a small hike around the property to get some nice views before heading back to the main welcome center.





After we finished our walk, we grabbed some gifts in the welcome center for our lovely neighbor who watched our cats for us while we were away. We got them some nice aged cheddar and some “Poo Paper” (made from real horse poo).

Once we returned home, we packed up our bags and the car and said our goodbyes. It was an awesome, whirlwind weekend and so much fun I didn’t want it to end.

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Weekend Shenanigans Part 2

(You can catch up on Part 1 here)

Sunday morning we got up so I could go on my 5 mile run. Zach had the great idea to drop me off at Oak Ledge Park and I would finish just before the dog park that they like to bring their boys to play. It was the most gorgeous run I’ve ever had. It started out right by the edge of Lake Champlain, meandered through some parts of downtown and through a lot of wooded areas. It was a gorgeous day out, but the humidity was a killer!



Once I finished my run and stretching, we all packed back into the car to go home and get ready to head to the Champlain Valley Fair.



We had such a great time checking out all the farm animals and shows that were going on. We even got to feed some mini horses!







After busting my butt kayaking on Saturday and with my longest run to date Sunday morning, I felt I deserved some fair food. I had some cheese fries, shared a cider clush (amazing!) and a root beer float, a shaved ice and my first ever fried twinkie (which was heaven on a stick).




We had such a great time, even though our faces were melting off. I think one of the highlights was watching pigs race and swim. They were adorable!





After a few hours, we called it a day and headed home to relax. We decided to chill at home that night and we ate dinner while watching Sherlock Holmes on Netflix. I could barely keep my eyes open to watch it, but thought it was a pretty good movie.

More shenanigans to come…


Weekend Shenanigans Part 1

Friday-rest/travel day – Saturday-kayaking (8/30-8/31)

This Labor Day weekend, Tara and I went up to Burlington, VT to visit her cousin and her husband. We left after work on Friday night so we could get up there and just start fresh with activities on Saturday morning. I expected a lot more traffic, but was pleasantly surprised with how little there actually was. We left around 6:45 I think and arrived around 11:15pm including 1 stop halfway for gas and dinner.

Once we arrived, we lugged all our bags in and spent some time chatting with our wonderful hosts. We didn’t stay up too much longer though, because we had a lot of fun planned for the weekend.

Saturday morning we all got up, got ready and got our gear together for a day on the water! We headed up to Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge and stopped to pick up the canoe they rented for themselves along the way. We put in at Louie’s Landing to start our day.



Overall, we think we went about 4.5 miles total. We paddled upriver to Lake Champlain and let me tell you, that was some of the toughest paddling I’ve ever done! Much different from the nice calm, flat river paddling. There was a tough wind that we were going against on the way to the take out which made it pretty difficult. We stopped about halfway across though so we could have some lunch. We couldn’t find anywhere to land, so we lodged ourselves together in the thick marsh grass. That worked pretty well to keep us still for a bit.




Once we got across to the take out, we packed the kayaks and canoe up and headed back to return the canoe rental. We headed home from there to all get showered and head out for a drive to Smuggler’s Notch. We had visited a couple of years ago and were supposed to go there, but it was October and it was already closed due to snow. This year, obviously, we were there in much warmer weather so snow wasn’t an issue.




This rock was so heavy, I needed Zach's help to hold it up

This rock was so heavy, I needed Zach’s help to hold it up

Exploring the cave

Exploring the cave

About 2 seconds before Zach scared the hell out of me!

About 2 seconds before Zach scared the hell out of me!

After our driving tour through the Notch, we headed over to Zach and Melissa’s favorite grocery store, Healthy Living to grab some stuff for supper. Picture Whole Foods on a smaller scale and sourced locally. We had a fabulous late dinner and watched Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, which was quite fantastic. After a very busy day, we all crashed so we could be well rested for our plans for Sunday!

And the most interesting, but amazing find from the day:


And it was delicious!