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Face The Music Friday

on September 20, 2013

I decided I’m going to create my own little day theme like lots of other people in the blogosphere. I was going to call it “Fess Up Friday” because I plan on posting my weight for that week and any updates on losses/gains.

Well, that was taken, so I decided to go with Face The Music Friday. Essentially the same idea, but now I get to incorporate my love of music into it as well! Genius!

Anywho…on to the moment you’ve (not) been waiting for! My weight this week is:


Beginning: 240 – 185.6 = 54.4lb total loss (you can catch up on the journey here)

The week wasn’t bad. I’m coming off my bad week(s) of the month which I tend to not lose much (if anything), so I expect the next week (possibly two) to be pretty good if it follows pattern. I’m surprised I’ve done as well as I have considering I’ve done little exercising other than an elliptical here or a walk there due to my leg. I got my IT Band Strap from Amazon today, so I’m hoping it will help me for my race on Sunday.

Now on to the fun part (for me anyway)! I decided on this post each week I’ll post a song I love, or love to run to, or am really digging at the present time. Maybe I’ll turn you on to something new or we can reminisce about bad hair!

This week, I chose a personal favorite of mine when it comes on my running playlist. I always jam out to this song, even when I’m running, which must be pretty funny to see me talking to myself while I run.

Barroom Hero – Dropkick Murphys


4 responses to “Face The Music Friday

  1. Congrats on losing more than 54 pounds! That’s quite an accomplishment. Keep up the great work!

  2. You have done wonderfully so far. I know how hard it is to stay on track with an injury, but applaud you for keeping at it.

  3. Be careful with the ITB strap I’ve seen it actually hurt people more than help. It’s really about creating strength and stretching, so hopefully it gets you though the weekend then get on those things 🙂

    Way to keep going. You’ve got momentum!!

  4. Desiree' says:

    Fantastic loss this week! Great job!

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