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Fall Fest

on September 14, 2013

Today was such a fun day! Started way earlier than I expected considering how early we need to get up tomorrow, but we got a lot done!

Tara made an awesome apple cake using some of the Macs we picked last weekend that we warmed up and had for breakfast. Delish!



After breakfast we settled in to do some work! Julie has a couple of craft shows coming up in October (Lakeville Arts Festival and Scituate Art Festival). They’re always her two best shows of the year and they are HUGE. We’re helping her ramp up production so she’ll have plenty of jewelry to sell at these shows. We set up shop in our living room and, of course, Flynn wanted to help.


Supervisor Flynn

After all his hard work, he decided to take a nap in his favorite bag


After a couple of hours of work, we all got ready and headed to Confreda Farms for their Fall Fest that has started. We jumped on the tractor wagon and they took us down to the corn maze, across from their pick your own pumpkin patch. We thought it would take longer than it actually did, but we had a lot of fun while we were in there.



We just had dinner and am putting in some more work on the jewelry and then it’s an early to bed/early to rise kinda night. We need to leave the house around 5:30am to head to my race in the morning. It will be the first time I’ve run since last Saturday when I hurt my leg during that race. It’s feeling pretty good after a steady regimen of ice, rest, foam rolling and KT Tape. I’m hopeful it’ll be OK, but I’m definitely going to take it slow!

I hope the weather tomorrow is as gorgeous as it was today because it will be perfection for running!

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