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Four Amigos

on September 12, 2013

Our best friends Julie and Dan are coming down for the weekend.

Excitement level:

OK, so that doesn’t really describe it. It’s even more than that.

Now, you would think we live states apart and hardly ever see each other. No, this is not the case. We live about an hour apart (in MA and RI), but only see each other maybe once a month or so. But when we’re together, we will stay up until midnight the first night we all come together chattering away…even though we talk EVERY DAY, throughout the day…and Face Time quite a bit.

Think we love each other much?

I think it’s because we’re all a special kind of crazy, each in our own unique way. And this picture is the epitome of that craziness. And I love it.

At their wedding


2 responses to “Four Amigos

  1. Friends that you can be crazy around and who love you because of it, not in spite of it, they are the best!

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