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Who and Monsters

on September 8, 2013

It’s been a few weeks now since I started my blog and while I will most likely follow my training the majority of the time, I’d also like to have fun with it by throwing in some of my fandoms from time to time.

As it is right now, I’m waiting anxiously for the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who to come out. And then the Christmas special, where I will wish a sad farewell to Matt Smith’s incarnation of the 11th Doctor. Don’t even get me going on when the Doctors regenerate because I always feel like I’m losing a best friend. It pretty much goes like this: 9 was my favorite, I won’t like #10. Ooh, 10 was my favorite I won’t like #11…etc, etc, etc. It happens every time. I grow to love their take on the Doctor so much, it guts me to imagine someone else filling their shoes (or trenchcoat, or bow tie. Bow ties are cool).

If you’ve never seen an episode of Doctor Who, or know anything about the show, it’s very difficult to explain.

Yeah. That’s pretty much it.


I still remember the first episode I ever saw. It was Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and the episode was The God Complex (spoilers if you click on the link). I was bored one day watching TV and nothing good was on. A friend of mine was always talking about Doctor Who and since I had nothing to watch, I turned on On Demand and picked an episode. It was enough to get me very interested in watching more. I went back on Netflix and started from the beginning (well, the beginning of the reboot of the show, starting with the 9th Doctor). I’ve watched every episode multiple times and it’s still always amazing.



What I’d like to share today, however, is the things from Doctor Who that scare the hell out of me. I have a top 5 and will gladly share my nightmares with you.

#5 – Autons

Basically, store mannequins coming to life and trying to kill you. Good luck shopping without looking over your shoulder from now on.


#4 – Vashta Nerada

Always count the shadows. If you have two, you’re screwed. Good luck walking down a busy street on a sunny day.


#3 – Empty Child

Little children in horror movies are always terrifying. Have them walk around with a gas mask on their face asking “Are you my Mommy?” – uber creepy.


#2 – The Silence

What’s creepy about something you don’t remember? The fact you wouldn’t remember seeing them but they could suggest you do something! Watch out for people with tally marks on their bodies. They’ve been counting.


#1 – Weeping Angels

The creepiest of the creeps. Any statue, anywhere – could it be a weeping angel? You’ll never know…then BAM! You’re sent back in time!


Enjoy your dreams tonight!


7 responses to “Who and Monsters

  1. I keep hearing about this show and a ton of my friends love it. Now that I have no more Lost I need some wild, way out there show to watch. Maybe this should be it.

  2. Jina says:

    I hear about this show a lot, too! I may have to check it out.

  3. I’ve never actually seen Dr. Who, but so many of my friends like it that I feel like I should watch it just once!

  4. We’re still working our way through the seasons on Netflix so I’ve seen all of your terrifying ones except for #2, but I suspect it’s coming soon. I agree on the doctor regenerating, it is so sad and the new one is NOT The Doctor, but then he kind of grows on me and then he is The Doctor and no one else could be right… What a great show, I’m going to be sad when we catch up to the present.

    • beach3519 says:

      Oh yay! A fellow Whovian! It’s amazing how they can cast someone that can be so perfect, yet you have no idea the first time you see them. It’s definitely sad to catch up to the present and have to wait…and wait…and wait….for more!

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