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Weekend Shenanigans Part 3

on September 5, 2013

(Look here for parts one and two)

For our last day of our fun-filled weekend, we went to Shelburne Farms. The farm was built by the Vanderbilt/Webb family.





We got up there just in time to see them having goat kid playtime. They brought them out of their pens and let them roam around a fenced in area while everyone got to pet them and feed them apple tree leaves, which they LOVED.



I can never resist a picture when goats climb things.

I can never resist a picture when goats climb things.

After that, we checked out the other animals in the barns, including the people.





Once we were finished checking out the animals, we stopped in to see their cheese making facility. They make so many things on this farm, it’s amazing. We watched a short movie about their process, then stepped outside to where they actually make the cheese. They were in the process of “stacking” the cheese so not a whole lot was going on. We got to taste different aged cheeses, as well as a smoked cheddar that was pretty potent. We also managed to sneak in an apple cider donut.



We decided after checking out the cheese that we were hungry for lunch, so we got some food from their little “farm stand”. They had some really nice, healthy options to choose from. I had a grilled cheese, which used their farm-made cheese and bread. Tara had a cucumber melon soup and a focaccia type pizza thing. Zach and Melissa got a pork sausage and salad and a beef burger, again, all sourced from their farm.



After lunch, we checked out their bakery. They had a great selection of freshly made breads and sweet treats. We got a sticky bun and some pain au chocolate, but I didn’t try either of them.


Once we were through in the bakery, we decided to do a small hike around the property to get some nice views before heading back to the main welcome center.





After we finished our walk, we grabbed some gifts in the welcome center for our lovely neighbor who watched our cats for us while we were away. We got them some nice aged cheddar and some “Poo Paper” (made from real horse poo).

Once we returned home, we packed up our bags and the car and said our goodbyes. It was an awesome, whirlwind weekend and so much fun I didn’t want it to end.


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