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Buffalo Thursday

on August 29, 2013

2 mile run

thursday run 8:29:13      weather 8:29:13


Every Thursday in our cafeteria at work they serve several things, but amongst those things is guaranteed to be Buffalo chicken fingers and fries. I like to call it “Buffalo Thursday”. This day makes me sad, because it smells glorious, but with me dieting I seldom indulge (usually we have cheats on the weekend).

It makes me jealous when I read all sorts of running blogs that are 90% super fit, hard-core marathoning speed racers. They seem to eat whatever they want whenever they want. I know I’m physically in a much better position than I was 54 pounds ago, but I feel like it’s taking forever and some days are just harder than others, like Buffalo Thursday.

Switching gears, I had an awesome run tonight. Mostly. About 75% awesome, 25% tough. The weather was perfection. Thick cloud cover to keep the setting sun out of my eyes and a super nice cool breeze and equally cool temps to match. My perfect running weather. Tonight was two miles on my schedule and I surprisingly went even faster than my two mile run last week. So much so, in fact, that I was able to maintain an average pace UNDER 11 minutes for the whole two miles!! Not sure if it was a fluke or if I’m actually seeing some progress.

The tough part of the run was a side stitch that started about 1 mile in and lasted the rest of the run. I tried adjusting my breathing but didn’t want to slow down. I couldn’t fix it so I just pushed through it by telling myself it was just a nice short run. Just a nice short run.

I’m actually starting to be able to think of myself as a “real” runner.


6 responses to “Buffalo Thursday

  1. I’ve always been a fan of the rule, if you run you’re a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow, it’s about attitude. At least that’s what I’ve found over the years. Also, I too sometimes think it seems some people can whatever they want, and maybe they can…but food and body size doesn’t always reflect health. Have a fun weekend!

  2. Just remember that there is a lot of things that happen outside of what people post on their blogs, and you never really know what they are doing/eating/going through!! Don’t get sucked into the comparison trap!! I even wrote a post about it recently –>

  3. Ok… this is CRAZY.
    Your title has Buffalo in it (my favorite trail is Buffalo Park).
    I recently lost 40+ pounds (last year) and started running at that time.
    I am not crazy fast (maybe crazy slow?).
    I, too, get a stitch in my side that won’t go away.
    It was meant to be that I stopped by today!
    If you run – YOU ARE A RUNNER!!!
    So happy to have visited your cheerful blog!

  4. I love buffalo everything. The smell would get to me too.

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