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Too much awesomeness

on August 27, 2013

3 mile run

30 min strength – legs


tuesday run 8:27:13                            weather 8:27:13



Boy, the humidity felt much worse than my weather app shows! I was sucking wind in a major way tonight. I have to say, I’m really not psyched with this whole sore knee around mile 1 thing that’s started in the last couple of weeks. It usually passes within a day to day and a half at most but still annoying. And don’t even talk to me about the hip injury from last year. That’s a pretty much daily pain. Very frustrating.

The best positive of the day was my run (as difficult as it was). After an awful day at work (like awful with a capital A), it felt really good to get out and just do my thang. OK, I promise never to say “thang” again.

The best thing of the last few days that I must share is we started using Facetime to talk to Julie and Dan. The four of us always email daily, but now we can haunt each other in real time! HAHAHA! We totally love it and are going to completely abuse it.






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