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Bring in da noise, bring in da funk

on August 19, 2013

30 min – Yoga Studio app

45 min – Weight training – arms

Just started week 5 of my 10K training. After having kind of a crappy, sore week last week, I’m hoping that this week will bring in da noise, bring in da funk. Sometimes I need those kind of “down” weeks to boost myself back up to keep going. I skipped a couple of strength workouts, but never missed my three runs for the week.

If you couldn’t tell by my titles, I’m slightly music obsessed. Music pumps me up and helps me get through those crappy workouts, when all I want to do is quit from the minute I lace up my sneakers. I listen to a hyped up playlist on my runs and will throw on the Classic Alternative station on cable when I’m in the basement with the weights. I sing along and focus on the lyrics instead of how tired/sore/lazy I’m feeling.

I feel pretty good after yoga and weights tonight and am looking forward to my run tomorrow night. I love the solitude and letting the misery of work roll off my shoulders with every step!




One response to “Bring in da noise, bring in da funk

  1. Jules says:

    Great post!

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